SAP Analytics Cloud

How to plan capital expenditures easily with SAP Analytics Cloud.

A company’s capital expenses need to be planned thoroughly to ensure a reliable financial plan and profits. In this webinar we will demonstrate how straightforward and effortless capital expenditure planning can be. SAP Analytics Cloud supports and facilitates collaborative planning of your capital expenditures.


In our projects we have noticed five major pain points when it comes to capital expense planning, which we will show in this webinar:

  • How to steer and implement the workflow and approval process?
  • How to distribute expenses and reuse historical data to spread budgets?
  • How to use and compare different plans within the planning process?
  • How to report intermediate and unfinished planning results before a common plan is agreed on?
  • How to integrate Excel and web-based planning?



Florian Wilhelm
Practice Director Planning & Analytics


Paula Stańczyk
SAC Senior Consultant,