IT Strategy & Architecture

    IT Strategy & Architecture

    Clear direction through comprehensive and pragmatic answers

    Is your IT organization “spinning its wheels”? Are you struggling to react quickly to the demands of the business? Is IT spend out of synch with the delivered capabilities?

    “Then it is time to review and redefine your IT strategy and architecture!”

    Many firms are now enjoying rapid growth but are constrained by systems that are not in synch with the changing organizational structures and processes. When facing new challenges, companies often find that their systems cannot easily adapt to their business models and processes. This has often led to development of peripheral, and in some cases disparate, systems, making it difficult for the organization to manage change in business or IT systems swiftly.

    Why we are the best fit
    Westernacher specializes in bridging the gap between information technology and your organization’s business strategy and decision-making needs. We deliver pragmatic answers which are as simple as possible yet as sophisticated as necessary to help you achieve your goals!
    • IT Application Design

      We deliver pragmatic answers to questions like:

      • Which technology stack?
      • Which applications?
      • Standardized vs. best of breed?
      • Integration and service orientation?
      • What should a roadmap look like?
      • What are the main principles?
        Westernacher has helped many large global players to define a vision and a roadmap to achieve a cost effective, flexible and powerful IT application landscape.
        There are no “one size fits all” solutions, we can help you define the application design which is right and future proof for your organization.

    • Data Architecture

      We offer the following services, amongst others:

      • Common terms and definitions
      • Enterprise data model
      • Consistent meta and master data
      • Data management tools
      • Data governance

      Westernacher has helped many multinationals, for example in the financial services, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and utilities sectors to get a tight grip on their data architecture.

      Using innovative approaches such as semantic wiki platforms combined with traditional data modelling, we have built solid foundations for data management. We have defined and introduced effective and powerful governance organizations which are customized to the needs of our customers.


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    We look forward to hearing from you.