SAP TM’s Strategic Freight Procurement

Procurement Managers are facing an ever-growing overload of complex data, and an exhausting and time-consuming carrier selection process.

SAP TM’s Strategic Freight Procurement simplifies the carrier selection process from start to finish. SFP helps you to compare and select the best carriers and rates, as well as to facilitate contract creation with your chosen carriers.

This tool enables you to analyze historical data, request rate quotations, evaluate responses, and award transportation business to carriers.

Key Features include:

  • “What-If” scenarios
  • Intelligent demand forecast and trend analysis
  • Fuel & other accessorial surcharges
  • Fast identification of rate upticks & downticks
  • Efficient information exchange with carriers
  • Easy carrier response analysis
  • Contract creation with just one click!

Download an introductory presentation on SFP here:

SAP TM’s Strategic Freight Procurement

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