Driving innovation. Shaping the future.

Innovation is all about change. Change for the better. We never stop leading the change and are always looking for new ways to overcome problems and improve existing situations with groundbreaking applications and developments.

In a world filled with never-before-seen challenges, being better is no longer enough. You have to be better and different. Innovation drives differentiation, which is key to standing out in an increasingly cluttered market.

Introducing the Innovation Hub

Westernacher recently launched its Innovation Hub, which not only embodies our culture of nonstop innovation, but also mirrors our values: entrepreneurship, partnership and value creation. Its purpose is to enable and motivate everyone at Westernacher to develop and share ideas, to recognize those who contribute and to have the ideas addressed by the right people.

The hub acts as an easy-to-use, global platform to collect ideas for innovative products and services and to manage the innovation process. Through transparency in all current innovation topics and a clear and streamlined process to select, develop and implement innovation, it enables the organization to efficiently and quickly implement new technologies and topics.

Imagining the way forward together

Westernacher believes in unleashing creativity and passion through the Innovation Hub. It consolidates our belief in entrepreneurship and partnership. We look forward to adding value and bringing sustainable benefits to a challenging world.

About Westernacher

Founded in 1969, Westernacher Consulting operates worldwide with local consultants and numerous locations in Europe, USA, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. With more than 600 consultants, Westernacher provides global business and technology consulting. Headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, Westernacher Consulting is the global leader in business process and technology innovation.