Manage security sensitive operations with SAP YL – Airport Scenario

July 16, 2018 – Thore Holst, Consultant SAP Yard Logistics

Supply Chain and logistics is changing and picking up even more speed as customers demand greater transparency and shorter transit In order to meet these business demands, IT systems and all involved parties need to adapt to create more transparency and efficiency throughout the value chain.

Particularly with air cargo handling, reliable and trustworthy yard management is valuable. High-quality, worthwhile and urgent goods, need to be transported to the Point of Sale or Point of Consumption as soon as possible. Errors in air cargo handling could result in penalties, loss of profit or higher capital commitment costs. As well as this, errors in handling could lead to alternative estimated times of departure or arrival.

With SAP YL, timetables per carrier can be issued for the airport scenario. Furthermore, carriers have the option to book their own time slots, which gives the airfreight operator of the yard the chance to avoid high volumes of traffic at the same time. Especially for airports, security is a key aspect as legal regulations need to be fulfilled when handling cargo in the air cargo terminal. With SAP Yard Logistics, the area can be separated into different sections where various processes are defined. With this functionality, security sensitive processes can be maintained in the system and a secure cargo handling can be maintained.

In this way, the overall handling times can be improved and the bottlenecks for optimization made visible.

Manage security sensitive operations with SAP YL – Airport Scenario

In the screenshot above we see an airport scenario, which was constructed with SAP YL. On the left hand side of the picture is the Check-In area for the trucks. The red-marked area is the parking area, where the trucks are waiting to be unloaded. Below that parking area is the airplane area, where the planes are being loaded or refuelled for example. On the right hand side of the screenshot is the hangar, where the airplanes get repaired or receive an inspection. The grey lines represent the airstrips for landing and departure. In the middle of the screenshot is the control tower of the airport.

In the following text we will describe an export process, where packages or parcels will be delivered to an airport hub. All the following steps could be inserted and retraced with SAP YL. But other import processes (vice versa) could also be indicated.

Manage security sensitive operations with SAP YL – Airport Scenario

After the Check-In of the truck, the goods need to be investigated for security purposes e.g. through X-Ray scanning. As a next step (after a successful security check) the driver can move to a free door and unload his goods. If no door is free at this moment, the driver needs to wait in the waiting area. In the case that all doors are occupied, the driver can receive a pager at the Check-In. With this pager he will receive a notification as to which door he should drive to when one becomes available.

Moreover, the SAP Extended Warehouse Management can be connected to SAP YL. With this integration, goods can be easily consolidated in the warehouse.

Manage security sensitive operations with SAP YL – Airport Scenario

In addition, the Unit Load Devices can also be consolidated in SAP Extended Warehouse Management in several ways. This depends on the method in which you manage your stock and goods e.g. First-In-First-Out, Last-In-First-Out etc.

Manage security sensitive operations with SAP YL – Airport Scenario

With SAP YL, various truck sizes with different requirements can be handled on the yard. Furthermore, an examination area for hazardous goods or a scale to ensure that the truck is not overloaded could be added in this scenario. That is depending on the process and can be adapted for various airport scenarios.

Also, additional services such as maintenance or cleaning can be captured and displayed in SAP YL. Operators can proactively see times when aircraft are out of service and adjust planning accordingly.

Manage security sensitive operations with SAP YL – Airport Scenario

Moreover, SAP YL has the possibility to connect different airports with each other if goods are to be delivered from one airport to another.

Opportunities for improvement include the tracking of the arrival times of different airplanes via GPS. In real-time!

Contact our experts for further concerns or questions and let’s discuss if SAP YL could take your business to the next level. We have also the possibility to connect to other relevant SAP solutions, such as TM, ERP, EM, GTT or EHS. Move your business towards the future by digitalizing your supply chain with Westernacher.