Utilities & Telecommunication

Our functional competence

Our utilities team covers the following functional areas:

  • Asset Management – finding the balance between asset productivity and cost

    One of the key challenges for Utility companies today is to achieve the optimal balance between cost and risk reduction while ensuring optimal asset uptime and utilization. Finding the sweet spot between Return On Assets (ROA) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is demanding as companies often fall short in the following areas:

    • Lack of a unified view of assets across organizations and technology platforms
    • Asset maintenance processes and technologies are missing or inefficient
    • No Unified technology solutions to manage assets through their lifecycle
    • Inadequate decision support models and technologies to support the asset lifecycle
    Our Services:
    At the Westernacher Utilities and Telecommunications Industry practice we have a global team that helps improve ROA and reduce TCO by serving companies in the following areas:

    • Plant Maintenance
    • Asset Master Data Maintenance
    • Network Lifecycle management
  • Service Parts Management – no part, no maintenance, no service

    You may have the best engineers and maintenance processes in your organization, but if the service parts do not arrive at the right place, at the right time and in the quantities as specified, your maintenance processes will fail. The two critical success factors are:

    The ability to provide superior service levels to customers and own engineers while at the same time, minimizing the operating costs associated with procurement, logistics, and inventory.

    The most successful companies maintain a constant focus on these critical success factors. In order to achieve this, best in class processes and technologies coupled with the guidance of industry experts are essential.

    Westernacher has collaborated with SAP to develop unique technology solutions as well as best practice guidelines for Service Parts Management. We are now pioneering a tailored service package that will help the industry significantly improve management of service parts and materials required for maintenance process execution.

    Our Focus:
    • Service Parts Planning
    • Service Parts Logistics Execution including Transportation and Warehousing
  • Customer Management – delivering top class customer satisfaction

    Unbundling and privatization have brought intense competition to the Utilities and Telecommunication sector and have escalated the need for companies to improve performance and enhance services in order to strengthen customer loyalty and attract new customers. Yet, customer satisfaction surveys in the most advanced Western markets still regularly place Utilities and Telecommunication companies among the back markers and well below market averages.

    To improve customer satisfaction performance Utilities and Telecommunications companies will increasingly need to:

    • Offer flexible pricing plans and execute billing and collection faultlessly
    • Deliver near flawless service reliability and deploy leading service outage response processes
    • Provide excellent customer experience while executing customer initiated work and maintenance
    • Design and deploy non-traditional value added services for customers
    • Improve sustainability and work with customers and the community to limit adverse environmental impacts
    Our Focus:
    At Westernacher we help Utilities and Telecoms businesses deliver excellent customer experience by flawless execution of some of the most critical customer facing business processes:

    • Emergency responses
    • Customer driven responses
    • Outage responses
  • Finance and Regulatory – always changing

    The role of the CFO has evolved massively over the last ten years. While core financial capabilities and cost control remain critical it is increasingly being recognized that The Office of Finance can add significant value by supporting wider corporate strategies by improving analysis and decision support capabilities. External and stakeholder reporting is back up the agenda due to a tighter regulatory environment caused by the recent downturn and a subsequent proliferation of new technologies such as XBRL.

    Westernacher has a dedicated Finance and Controlling team serving the Office of Finance with a wide set of service offerings. Our Utilities and Telecommunication practice has a team of functional and technology experts helping customers with several Utilities and Telecommunications specific topics including.

    Our Focus:
    • Working capital optimization
    • External and regulatory reporting