Webinar: End-to-End Connected Forklift solution

Automate your warehouse operations
with a Connected Forklift solution.

Westernacher and indoor position-tracking leader KINEXON have partnered to create an end-to-end Connected Forklift Solution with full integration into SAP EWM. The solution provides full visibility into forklift operations and allows to fully automate the assignment – monitoring – confirmation process of any forklift task.

The key benefit of the solution is the end-to-end integration that allows to connect the live sensor data with the robust SAP EWM resource and task management logic. In this webinar we will discuss the following points:

  • Introduction into SAP Leonardo IoT
  • The capabilities of SAP EWM when it comes to resource and task management
  • A comparison of IoT solutions to other warehousing automation technologies
  • Connected Forklift solution demo and discussion


December 13, 2018


11am (EST) | 5pm (CET)


30 minutes



Meet our keynote speakers.


Neil Wightman
Global Lead Warehouse Operations, Westernacher


Vladimir Shapiro
Consultant SAP IoT & SAP Leonardo, Westernacher


Joost Smet
Consultant SAP EWM, Westernacher

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