Project & Change Management

Organizational Change Management

In order to realize the maximum possible benefits from project investments or integration due to M&A, organizations must be prepared to accept the changes brought about by projects on organizational structure, as well as on individual level.

Most organizations realize they will face these challenges, but often assume that the affected people will accept improvements brought about by new project implementations with open arms. Resistance to these changes, without the proper Organizational Change Management, can lead to severe pushback within the organizations to the point where the benefit of project investment is defeated.

The main objective of Organizational Change Management is to establish necessary preconditions as a basis for maximizing benefits from project investments through:

  • High project acceptance by affected people and organizations
  • Timely organizational qualification to handle the changes sustainably
  • Dedicated and loyal employees
Westernacher OCM Approach
Westernacher advocates a structured Organizational Change Management (OCM) approach in parallel with project execution. With a vision provided by many such implementations, Westernacher is able to support our clients through our proven OCM approach: