Westernacher pioneers e-commerce SAP Transportation Management Space

Norwegian e-commerce platform marked.no benefits from swift implementation of SAP software

Westernacher has done it again – in record-breaking three months, the global business and SAP consulting expert has helped Norwegian e-commerce company Komplett drastically streamline transportation management and analytics for online grocery market platform marked.no, for which Komplett provides IT infrastructure.

“This is another great milestone for Westernacher in the transport and tracking & tracing space,” said Matthias Hollenders, Westernacher’s Principal SAP Supply Chain Management Expert. “Three months is the fastest implementation time touching all parts of TM worldwide. Westernacher is also one of the first companies to implement SAP transportation software for e-Commerce.”

Using advanced and reliable SAP software, the implementation allows marked.no customers to book groceries online and have them delivered to their doorstep. The dynamic timeslot planning and booking not only intelligently determines the delivery price, but also facilitates the planning and execution of the delivery, all while saving time and money for both company and customers. The software can even determine unloading duration, find the best possible parking spot and track a driver’s position via geo-location.

Launched at the beginning of February, marked.no is a pure online grocery home delivery e-shop and distributor. Orders can be placed online and will be conveniently delivered via small trucks to the customer doorstep or to a pickup location in Oslo, Norway’s capital, and soon in the rest of country as well. marked.no delivers high quality products, fresh products and recipes from a well-known chef. Similar to Amazon and Alibaba, marked.no has no stores but delivers everything directly from their warehouses.

Hollenders is confident Westernacher’s journey with Komplett will continue. “The feedback was very good. We will enhance the system further by gradually adding more functionality and develop an app for their drivers and pick-up location staff to guide them throughout the tour/day and also provide real time tracking information. This helps the dispatcher keep control on every single unplanned event that might happen during the actual delivery. We hope for this cooperation to allow for other opportunities in the eCommerce market.”

About Westernacher
Founded in 1969, Westernacher Consulting operates worldwide with regionally present consultants in Europe, Asia and the Americas. As an authorized SAP Partner, Westernacher has been pioneering transportation and warehouse management for global businesses for many years. Headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, Westernacher serves medium-to-large size enterprises striving for innovation, operational excellence and profitable, sustainable growth. Westernacher Consulting is the global leader in business process and technology innovation. To find out more about Westernacher, visit our newly designed website and connect with us at one of the following events.

About Komplett
With a total of 16 webshops and almost $1 billion in 2015 revenue, the Komplett Group is Scandinavia’s largest e-commerce company. Headquartered in Sandefjord, Norway, Komplett dispatches an order with some of the 35,000 available products every 16 seconds to its customers in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The close to two million active customers can choose from the latest PCs, consumer electronics and other computer-related products. As Scandinavia’s largest PC maker, Komplett makes more than 35,000 PCs annually while tailoring them to customers’ specifications. Always striving to minimize their environmental footprint, Komplett aspires to lead the industry in environmental management. For more information on Komplett, visit Komplett Group.