Retail, Wholesale, Consumer Goods

Retail, Wholesale, Consumer Goods

Consumer markets are changing faster and faster, mostly enabled by new technology and application. Today, customers are able to order from almost anywhere. They expect to choose how they receive and return goods. They receive offers via social media or phones, and rate all aspects of their experiences almost instantly. Additionally, new technology has enabled new supply chain models as exemplified by Amazon, Uber, Google Express, etc.

The speed and depth of these changes require a knowledgeable partner with proven technology leadership that understands how to innovate business and IT.

We offer our clients the following services:

  • Best Practice Process- & IT-Health Checks

    Where are the gaps and how can we close them:

    Health checks are a quick (= few days) way of assessing improvement opportunities. Together with our clients we review operations, organization and IT. We identify improvement opportunities based on industry best practices, develop high-level action plans, and estimate possible benefits.

  • Feasibility Study

    Choosing the best processes and solutions:

    We use a practical approach to find the IT solution(s) that will be most feasible given the identified improvement opportunities, the current environment and a client’s strategy.

  • Transformation to sustainable Operational Excellence

    Improving operations, organization, and IT:

    “Knowing where to go is important – but reaching your goals is the real achievement“
    Based on our philosophy, we help our clients realize optimized operations, supporting organization, and enabling IT. In the process, we employ SAP Solutions as well as new technologies. To create buy-in and achieve long lasting measurable results, we use proven change management techniques that go beyond role definitions and training.

  • Managed IT Services

    Pre-defined SAP Solutions as Managed Services:

    Westernacher offers pre-defined Sap Solutions specifically for retail, wholesale, and CPG customers. We bundle these solutions combining licensing, hosting, application management, and support. By taking this approach, investment costs become more plannable and better manageable, with the flexibility to adapt licensing and IT infrastructure in accordance with changing business requirements.

  • Post Go-live Support

    Maintaining operational excellence:

    Change management does not stop at go-live. In fact, to maintain operational excellence it is important to resolve road blocks immediately and ensure expert support. We provide tailored support services globally.

  • Continuous Process Improvements

    Analysis and implementation of continuous improvements:

    To stay competitive, companies need to continually improve operations and IT solutions. Westernacher offers regular analysis and evaluation of current operations and solutions with the goal of identifying further improvements opportunities. For our SAP clients, we especially look for additional benefits from SAP enhancement packs and new releases.