Industrial Machinery & Components

Our functional competence

Westernacher covers end-to-end business processes for Industrial Machinery and Components companies.

  • Supply Chain Visibility, Planning & Optimization
    • Drive Supply Chain assessments, S&OP process designs, as well as technology selection and implementation roadmaps.
    • Define Network design, vendor selection and organizational design and change management strategies.
    • Drive demand planning and forecasting to improve accuracy, optimize production, raise resource and inventory utilization.
    • Reduce build time and ensure the effective use of production capacity and reduce unproductive labor and resource consumption.
  • Sourcing, Procurement & Demand Fulfillment
    • Identify and define procurement strategy, operations and systems.
    • Use vendor management programs to manage new suppliers and the end-to-end relationship.
    • Efficiently collaborate and leverage best practices and continuous improvement initiatives to refine the source-to-pay process.
  • Supply Chain Execution
    • Orchestrate real-time intra-company and global reach together with the ability to react quickly to changing supply chain dynamics.
    • Leverage the entire Supply Chain Execution Platform to meet internal and external demand – covering warehouse operations, Transportation- as well as Supply Chain Event Management.
  • Aftermarket & Service Parts Management
    • Increase service parts availability and service levels thereby also increasing customers satisfaction, retention, and market share.
    • Reduce safety stock levels and thereby operating expenses and working capital requirements.
  • Finance & Controlling
    • Drive the procurement spendmap strategy (knowing what total spend is, and the breakdown thereof).
    • Develop frameworks for contract & supplier management that covers performance and manages risk.
  • Business Intelligence
    • Capitalize on data-driven insights and provide outstanding service and support to differentiate the company from the competition and build true brand advocates among customers
    • Landed Cost Analysis: Visibility into total material costs based on purchasing, insurance, freight and any other associated cost
  • Mobility
    • Leverage mobile technology to control and execute processes in the supply chain
    • Utilize pre-defined mobile applications for a faster onboarding to a mobile strategy