Consumer Goods

End-to-end inventory visibility. The holy grail for consumer goods.

Understanding your inventory along your entire supply chain–from suppliers, through manufacturing, all the way to distribution centers–is the basis for better sales forecasts, better manufacturing plans, lower shipping costs, fewer stock-outs, and reduced excess inventory. Inventory visibility also includes all the shipping lanes between network nodes.

We are experts in supply chain processes and understand where consumer goods companies have pain points. We can support you with IT solutions, network and inventory optimization, and much more.


Digitalization of your supply chain.

// Track and trace your products.
// From suppliers to consumers.

New capabilities. Better operations.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing industry and that includes consumer goods companies. The ability to measure a product’s temperature, track its position, and even detect shaking allows consumer goods companies to improve fill rates and product quality while at the same time reducing costs for (excess) inventory and replacements.

However, IoT comes at a cost. Finding the sweet spot between what is technically possible and improving the top and bottom line is the real challenge: what are valuable insights and what is the best way to get them?

We understand the different sensors available, what they cost, what it takes to implement them, how to get their data and how to use this data to create value for our clients.

Let’s talk about what is possible and what is valuable.


Want to experience our business & technology know-how for your operations?
Try our Supply Chain Performance Assurance Kit.

The package

  • Predefined supply chain KPI content for SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Set up a prototype based on our predefined content and your data in your SAP Analytics Cloud Tenant
  • Review metrics and KPIs used in the prototype and discuss their significance for managing your company successfully
  • Develop a roadmap and possible implementation plan

Your benefits

  • Jump start SAP Analytics Cloud with prebuilt content from Westernacher
  • First results using your data
  • A roadmap based on your system landscape
  • How to set up your KPIs
  • Understand who needs to be involved
  • One week onsite with our Control Towers experts


From FMCG to durable goods.

We understand that consumer goods come in all shapes and forms:


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