Enterprise Architecture

Business Process Management

Your costs are rising and you are looking for ways to increase efficiency? You realize that your business processes are ineffective. Necessary process adaptation seems to be impossible due to missing experience in business process modelling or lack of clearly defined processes, roles, responsibilities.

Westernacher offers comprehensive support in establishing business process management (BPM) in your company. With our well-structured and methodical consulting services for process modeling and optimization, your business processes will improve in quality, efficiency and flexibility. Our service offering includes launching a Continuous Improvement Program. These efforts will allow you to react more quickly to market changes than your competitors.


  • The Westernacher BPM methodology kit: We use only BPM methodologies that are simple, pragmatic and proven to be successful.
  • No fixation on a BPM tool. We determine together with you which tool is most appropriate for your requirements. At the same time, we are able to draw upon excellent knowledge of the current BPM suites.

Pattern for BPMN-Diagram:


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