We don’t like to look back. Company anniversaries are not our thing. What we do find exciting is the future. Finding out what will come, what will change our world and our lives, what offers companies new opportunities: that’s what moves us. Since our foundation 50 years ago. Today we make an exception to this rule. It’s a beautiful, round number that is anything but self-evident. And we are also a little proud. Proud of how we have developed yet remained the same. Curious, partnership oriented, entrepreneurial, innovative. Only bigger, more international and broader. For our customers.


Congratulations Westernacher with 50 years of innovation and dedication to your customers! 50 years of opportunity for your people to thrive in your unique culture of partnership, entrepreneurship and value creation.

Benjamin Dewilde, CEO at Westernacher

Congratulations on the anniversary! Continue to generate customer value by driving process and technology change and you will have many bright years ahead!

Jonas Vallén, Lead Architect Planning at Electrolux IT

We extend our warmest wishes as you celebrate a remarkable 50 years in business. We, at YARA, admire the professionalism and expertise of the Westernacher team which is both key to your success as well as ours when running a Proof of Concept with you on SAP Yard Logistics. Congratulations and many more successful years to come.

Mario Antheunis, Director Site Logistic & Technical Process Owner Material Handling at Yara

Congratulations on 50 years of innovation and partnership! It’s amazing how fast Westernacher has been growing in Asia in the last 10 years and I’m proud to be part of this growth.

Frank Hua, Market Unit Lead at Westernacher China

Cheers to 50 years! Here’s to half a century of innovation. Looking ahead to the future and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Vanessa Mitteregger, Practice Manager Warehouse Management at Westernacher


We are the go-to EWM partner with the very first EWM implementation worldwide and in China. We also implemented the first SAP EWM on HANA and EWM with mobile robots.


We conducted the world’s first Yard Logistics implementation and go-live for a leading global automotive supplier.


We completed the first holistic SAP TM implementation with integrated processes for the e-commerce industry. We are among the very first in SAP TM on HANA.


We are among the very first SAP IBP, S&OP on HANA and executed the first SAP Service Parts Planning worldwide.


We are the S/4HANA pioneer, implementing the first S/4HANA Simple Finance in China and offering the first S/4HANA Cloud.


We are among the very first in SAP BW on HANA and SAP-qualified partner-packaged solution for Analytics Cloud.

Value creation

At Westernacher we are real pioneers in our field and have always been experts in emerging technologies and applications. Success for our customers and reaching their desired end goal is our top priority and we place our focus on the customer and how new technology can enhance their business. We are proud of the fact that we never stop leading the change and are always looking for new ways to overcome problems with groundbreaking applications and developments.


We pride ourselves at Westernacher on the fact that we are always open to hearing new, interesting and innovative ideas from our colleagues and partners. At Westernacher, you are invited to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and offer business development ideas in a new technological or functional area. We are always willing to listen to colleagues who wish to start new service offerings or want to revolutionize another aspect of our company. Change can be good and we are willing to embrace innovative and creative concepts that come our way.


Our partnership is what makes Westernacher unique and it is a vital part of our DNA. It is based on the principle of fairness for all and the long-term goal of a mutually beneficial relationship. We treat everyone as partners and therefore everyone works together as a ‘Westernacher family’, looking out for each other and respecting one another. Every colleague’s input and opinion is treated equally and we welcome diversity in our organization in every form.

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