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Are you using SAP to handle your business processes? Is your application stable and functionally sufficient? But could it be more intuitive to make it easier and faster to use and decrease the risk of incorrect use?

You’ve probably heard about Fiori User Experience and seen that nowadays user interface designs can be better than the ones you are currently using. However, building new user interfaces just because the design is better is not an option.

Then you should consider SAP Screen Personas

Your advantages with SAP Screen Personas

No development effort is required for this. All existing, well established functionality and security mechanisms including authority checks will still be in place. This includes standard dynpros of SAP as well.

Do you have different user groups with different requirements? For example a controller needs different fields to a sales person? Even that is possible. We can help you to build several of what are known as flavours for optimal support of different requirements.

But just being able to modify the user interfaces is not everything. At Westernacher we combine our deep level of process experience and technological expertise to ensure that your users have the best possible user interfaces.


Get in touch with us. We’d be happy to discuss all available options and support you in making your users happy and successful.

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