Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning

Align people, data and analysis to drive maximum business value

SAP IBP for Sales and Operations is part of SAP’s IBP suite intended for creating long- and midterm business plans to link high-level business strategy with daily operational business.

Today’s S&OP process is often hallmarked by:

  • tons of spreadsheets and many systems that hold the relevant data
  • blocked workforce capacity through time consuming data acquisition mostly outdated when being included in decision-making process
  • lack of smart simulation capabilities to compare different planning scenarios
  • problems in information sharing among the stakeholders
SAP IBP for Sales and Operations enables your company to profitably align your strategic plans with day-to-day business through
  • real-time planning based on a unified data model for demand, supply and financial data fed by any SAP or non-SAP system
  • interactive what-if analysis to explore various business option
  • enclosed social collaboration tools to enable a joint decision making across your company
  • user-friendly Excel front-end for analytics and smart Web UI for creation of shared dashboards to bring transparency and visibility to all parties involved

Teamwork, customer service and operational efficiency will highly benefit as all stakeholders collaborate on the basis of one consistent dataset and a common analysis toolset:


As trusted SAP partner, Westernacher was involved in the early deployment of SAP IBP for S&OP, implementing as one of the first a full cycle IBP S&OP solution in the discrete industry.

To date, we can leverage from multiple S&OP IBP proof of concepts at many reputable customers.