Finance Planning


Today’s demanding business challenges require long-term financial performance management solutions that not only deliver immediate benefits, but also provide the agility to capitalize on future opportunities.

Typical questions that financial managers should be able to answer:


Answers to questions such as these provide critical financial measures for organizations – indicators that should be monitored regularly and used as a basis for decision making and planning. These measures are gauges of production, efficiency and effectiveness relating to operating procedures and costs, and provide important information concerning business profitability and function in multiple areas.

Westernacher advises clients on all aspects of financial performance management, helping them to transform their business vision into profitability. Whether your goal is to lower costs, improve efficiency, or keep up with today‘s rapidly changing technology, our highly qualified and experienced consultants can help you to dramatically improve your financial performance.

Our functional focus is on our clients’ internal and external accounting and financial reporting, profitability management and operational excellence.

We go beyond process design, re-design and optimization to also ensure the technical implementation of business processes, using standardized software or custom development as required.