Customer Management


The determination of customer needs is the first step in sales

Identifying customers’ requirements before they even know them is the dream of all companies. Sales channels are becoming increasingly complex. Focusing on profitable channels and customer segments and effective sales management are key to achieving competitive advantages.

Sales are the basis of business growth and innovative solutions. However, they often require a lot of hard work too and employees have to invest a lot of time in completing administrative tasks and then don’t have time to focus on the most important things: customer support and transactions.

Modern solutions such as CRM, digital sales, the Customer Activity Repository and e-commerce solutions enable customer-focused sales and 360° customer profiles. This gives your sales team the option to establish effective sales management.

Redefine your sales today through digital transformation.

Sales Improvement Cycle


  • This is how we optimize your sales
    • Problem identification and assessment
    • Process optimization based on best practices
    • Support for the coordination and planning of sales activities
    • Reporting and KPI optimization
    • Creation of a Customer Activity Repository
    • Online channel management
    • Designing and implementing your Customer Journey
  • Benefits for your Sales department
    • Qualification boosts sales:
      Easy lead and opportunity management supports sales associates efficiency. It saves time, effort and your staff regularly achieve their quota each month.
    • Customer Knowledge is the key to success:
      By using customer data, sales associates are 28% more likely to create customer satisfaction. Creating a connection to customers can be supported and makes your sales team more efficient.
    • Mobile First:
      Mobile devices are key to modern sales productivity. Integrated CRM apps and calendars support work.
  • Our solutions

    Sales Health Check
    Compare yourself against the best in sales. On the basis of a best practice comparison, we work with you to create a digital marketing strategy, channel matrix and KPIs together with quick wins and an action plan.

    SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales
    Optimise your customer relationships. This portfolio of cloud-based CRM-solutions combines functions for marketing, sales, retail, service and social networking. It makes it easier for your teams to develop valuable personal customer relationships which strengthen customer interaction and loyalty in all channels. You benefit from first-rate contact management and meaningful customer analyses.

    SAP Customer Activity Repository
    Collect, cleanse and centralise your customer and point of sale (POS) data in real time. This high-performance data platform prepares multi-channel data for analysis and readies it for use by your skilled marketing analysts. Accelerate your retail analysis and planning, improve the demand forecast, maximize the effevtiveness of promotions and the efficiency of your product assortments, and more.

    Omnichannel commerce
    Regardless of whether you work B2B or B2C, with SAP Hybris Commerce you are perfectly set up to meet all challenges. B2B buyers expect the same omnichannel experience as that with which they are familiar as private customers. In the B2C area, customers expect above all consistent, personalised buying experiences. With SAP Hybris, you ensure global scalability and rapid omnichannel implementation, thereby optimising the customer experience. This can also be mobile.

    SAP Hybris Billing
    Business models have to be digitally simple, scalable and clear. Innovative models can also be implemented online. You can use SAP Hybris Billing to optimise this processes, revenue management and collaboration with your partners.

    SAP Hybris Order Management
    Guarantee your customers full transparency, control and flexibility with orders. Through rapid integration and fulfilment options you achieve omnichannel unification of all order processes. You can also use branch resources to achieve omnichannel returns and drop shipping. In this way, you can guarantee your customers an integrated service and any orders at any time.

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