SAP Internet of Things (IoT) with Westernacher

The proliferation of increasingly robust sensor technology now enables organizations to gather vast amounts of new, more accurate data on their physical processes. Big data analytics and machine learning are then able to digest this newly available information to provide actionable insights.

Finally, IoT gives a comprehensive overview of the organization by breaking the silos that have historically separated business, IT and physical asset data, creating a holistic end-to-end process view that integrates all data layers.


SAP is represented in the IoT space with the SAP Leonardo Ecosystem. Integrating several innovative areas such as Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT, it provides both out-of-the-box products, as well as the tools that enable teams to build custom solutions.




Assets & Products


Integration into End-to-End process.

Although IoT applications can provide substantial value as standalone solutions, the true benefit comes from their integration with core supply chain solutions and the broader IT landscape.

As a leader in the end-to-end Digital Supply Chain space, Westernacher specializes in enhancing existing IT solutions with IoT functionality. We believe that IoT solutions are not a replacement, but rather an additional benefit to IT solutions spanning the entire supply chain, including planning, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation processes.

Why Westernacher?

Building on decades of SAP expertise and the SAP Leonardo IoT offerings, Westernacher has assembled a team that acts as a one-stop-shop for any IoT initiative in the digital supply chain. From selecting the right sensors and establishing the right connection, to providing customer analytics in SAP Leonardo, we have you covered.

Our approach to IoT is simple: we implement fast time-to-value, ROI-positive initiatives that help achieve specific business KPIs. With our long-standing experience in innovating supply chains, we have been pioneers in the IoT space and already have numerous successful projects under our belt.

Connected Forklift

Smooth and efficient warehouse operations with IoT.

If your organization needs a real-time view of your warehouse operations, IoT is your only option. By integrating sensor data in SAP Leonardo with modern warehouse solutions, you can dramatically improve warehouse throughput, inventory planning capabilities and engage an efficient workforce. At Westernacher we have identified four types of projects that can be launched as standalone initiatives or as combinations of integrated enhancements within the warehouse:



Decrease labour costs and increase throughput through automated RFID scanning processes or geofencing backed by indoor position tracking.



Decrease spoilage/damage and improve warehouse & silo planning capabilities by predicting and preventing unsuitable storage conditions.



Increase inventory location accuracy, resulting in more efficient warehouse task allocation, assignment and execution, while decreasing labour costs.



Automatically assign, monitor and confirm tasks to optimize forklift utilization and increase process automation through geofence position monitoring.



Establish trends to avoid dangerous situations and proactively identify risk & hazards.

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Connected Silo

Seamlessly connecting your silo through IoT.


an isolated grouping, department, etc., that functions apart from others especially in a way seen as hindering communication and cooperation

Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary-2019

Silo is

an integrated Internet of Things solution that functions together with others especially in a way seen as driving process automation and optimization.

Source: Westernacher-2019



Establishing quantity, quality and condition tracking with sensor technology



Automate processes such as replenishment, production and planning



Optimize storage conditions, product quality and stock situation

Connected Worker

A vital part of the Digital Transformation of industrial operations

// Improve Worker Safety
// Get insights beyond the data your safety devices already provide
// Attain a holistic view of employees for awareness and responsiveness in real-time
// Increase operational efficiency
// Proof of compliance at all times

The connected worker solution provides the following:


Real-time position
monitoring and geofencing

Indoor and outdoor position tracking of workers its process integration with geofencing.


Safety and
health monitoring

Identification of incidents based on wearables, gas detection devices and camera recognition creating a personal shield for the worker.


visibility & compliance

Management and operational dashboards overseeing all related processes and incidents as well as ensuring compliance at all times.


Integration into S/4,
SAP Environment, Health & Safety

Integration into the end-to-end process by e.g. pulling permits from EHS, documenting statuses, triggering maintenance orders, etc.

Connected Assets

Connecting your key assets with SAP IoT.

IoT allows for a data-driven approach to physical asset management. Rather than rely on the traditional “gut feel” tactic when dealing with vehicles, production machines, and equipment, an IoT solution allows you to establish performance patterns, utilization best practices and predictive algorithms that prevent unplanned downtime.

From production to distribution to after-sale service, the introduction of IoT allows you to create a feedback loop of continuous improvement.
By using the SAP Intelligent Asset Management and SAP Leonardo IoT, we can help in the following ways:



Monitor asset health to address issues before they become a problem. Decreasing asset failure rate, total asset unplanned downtime and increase first-time-fix rates.



Monitor asset performance to identify patterns and establish best practices. Engage in a lifecycle of continuous improvement.


inventory tracking

Keep a live count of your product stock and automate the replenishment process to achieve a more customer demand-centric approach and in-time availability of stock.


quality control

Make sure your products are stored under the right conditions to ensure customer satisfaction.


location monitoring

Keep track of moveable assets to be sure they are in the right place at the right time.



Schedule timely deliveries and optimize routes during convenient times, preventing out-of-stock scenarios.



Understand how your products perform in real life conditions to improve design and production processes.



Gain insight into customer behaviour patterns and preferences to adjust sales and marketing strategies.

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Connected Fleets

Intuitive decision making with IoT for SAP TM.

Existing TMS solutions do not provide sufficient visibility into the operations of commercial fleets. Relying on manual input from users severely decreases data accuracy and introduces human error. The vast amount of new data gathered by IoT sensors allows you to make better operational decisions, as well as engage in long-term process optimization. Westernacher has utilized the SAP Vehicle Insights solution to identify three main uses cases for IoT in transportation:



Always know where your fleet is. Predict delays, react to route changes and optimize long-term fleet utilization.



Monitor the transport conditions of your inventory. Prevent spoilage/damage by reacting to and predicting changes in a timely manner.



Automatically track and confirm transportation execution stages. Increase transparency and customer satisfaction, while reducing manual involvement. Collaboration is becoming more and more important in an increasingly connected environment. All transportation-related IoT scenarios can be run in the cloud so that all the parties involved can get live access to the necessary information.

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Learn how to use IoT and start your transformation journey now

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We are in the middle of a fundamental change. Digitization has brought about a new customer with new possibilities and requirements. Companies who can view this challenge as an opportunity will turn it to their business advantage.


Introduction to the world of
Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Technology Introduction
  • Customer-relevant business cases
  • Mapping painpoints to SAP solutions
  • Hands-on technology experience

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Experience the technology and
get decisionmaker buy-in

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  • Business use-case presentation for stakeholders

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Create a prototype through Design Thinking use case development

  • Technology Deepdive
  • Design Thinking business case development
  • Creation of prototype and presentation
  • Innovation strategy and roadmap development

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Price: on an individual basis – only covering costs

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