ERP Systems Integration Services

From R/2 via R/3 and ECC to S/4HANA, Westernacher has accompanied SAP’s technology evolution as SAP Partner with one of the longest legacies and is one of the first to implement SAP applications on HANA.


    SAP ECC (former ERP or R/3) is the world’s most widely implemented ERP Software, covering the key business functions of an organization. Westernacher covers all the technology aspects of the traditional SAP ECC platform.

  • S/4HANA

    SAP Business Technology Package HANA 110x106
    The big revolution of S/4HANA is hidden “under the hood”. At first it seems like “just another database” with very quick response-times. It’s nice to get good response-time but how is that a real innovation?

    With HANA, reporting & analytics on mass data and transaction processing can run on the same system, on the exactly same data. In SAP terms, ECC and BI run on the same data and system. This is much more than a large potential cost saving (eliminate systems, eliminate data extraction, data loading, monitoring of this process). This change dramatically reduces the time between questions and answers. In the past designing and building data extraction, data loading and transformation, data aggregation and storage and reporting applications and dashboards could take months.

    A nine to twelve month lead time to create a corporate business warehouse was no exception. Now, all that work is reduced to identifying the information needed to answer the question at hand and then creating the query, report or dashboard. This is a matter of minutes, hours or days, depending on the complexity but no longer of months!

  • Simple Finance, Simple Logistics

    SAP ERP SimpleFinancial and SimpleLogistic software runs on the SAP HANA in-memory computing platform and supports the immediate evaluation of your operational data with real-time analytics, prediction, and simulation, based on optimized user interfaces.

    Westernacher is a pioneer in implementing SimpleFinance. We implemented Version 1 of SimpleFinance, which still had very significant limitations for one of our customers in 2015 and are now implementing Version X and SimpleLogistics with its significantly enhanced functionality not only for a first pilot customer but as a basis for a multi-tenant SimpleFinance cloud offering.

  • SAP Fiori

    SAP Business Technology SAP Fiori Package 220x212
    Fiori is one of the key products from SAP´s mobile portfolio. SAP Fiori is an extensive, cost-efficient collection of web-based Apps which can be used on mobile devices and represents a personalized, responsive and simple user experience across devices and deployment options. With SAP Fiori Apps for ERP business tasks can be designed role-based, process-oriented and easy to do in a single interface. Mobile access to your ERP applications accelerate the processing time substantially.

  • SAP Screen Personas

    SAP Business Technology SAP Screen Personas Package 110x106
    “What you see is what you need!” With SAP Screen Personas, powerful SAP applications and transactions can be reduced to those elements the user really requires for optimal, fast and accurate processing of business transactions. This free add-on SAP Screen Personas 3.0 is part you your SAP license and can be deployed in a short time with minimal development effort to personalize and simplify all SAP ECC applications based on existing transactions. Thus, processing time can be reduced significantly while increasing data quality at a maximum.

    • Easy Design Tool
      No programming necessary for personalization of user interface.
    • Drag and Drop Design Functionality
      Easy to use with results immediately shown on the screen.
    • Global Flavors
      Flavors designed for system A can be used in system B too.
    • Changes are controlled centrally
      Personas administration controls centrally the use of flavors.
    • Improved Performance
      Major impact on performance through browser based software integration into Web GUI.
    • Make editing more user friendly and dynamic
      Easy to create designs reuse on multiple flavors or transactions.
  • Mobile Solutions

    SAP Business Technology Package Mobile Solutions 110x106
    Custom solutions to meet your individual needs
    The demand for flexible and mobile solutions is growing every year. Reasons for this rise in demands include the growing need for mobility, flexibility and ease of use of mobile solutions. In addition, new requirements in security, device independency, connectivity, device management and life cycle management are added to the mix. The importance of each need and specific goals vary, of course, from company to company.

  • SAP NetWeaver

    Besides SAP ERP, often different other legacy systems are in place and have to communicate with your ERP systems. As a strategic integration and application platform for your entire company, SAP NetWeaver and its complementary products enable the composition, provisioning, and management of SAP and non-SAP applications across a heterogeneous and geographically dispersed software environment. Save money on unnecessary customization of the existing business system.