Business Strategy & Process design

Translate Business Strategy & Objectives to Process and Technology Objectives

  • IT Strategy development

    The IT strategy defines how information technology and business applications will innovate and support business processes in the most cost effective, future proof and reliable way possible.

    Our strategy implementation services bridge the gap between your business strategy and its implementation. We achieve this by aligning critical business processes with your strategy and by supporting those processes with both strategic and operational information systems. We adjust processes, organization, data and systems so that they contribute to the business goals and strategy.

  • Business Process Management, Process Harmonization

    Good process design is the basis for quality, efficiency and consistency in all operations of the enterprise. All our ERP implementations start from a solid understanding of the desired “to-be” business processes. If such process definitions do not exist, we create them pragmatically and with a methodology and toolset which allows our customers to expand this work into a full business process management framework. This framework can be expanded throughout the company and will be leveraged during the change management and continuous improvement phases.

    Business process modelling and optimization is an iterative process critical for success in rapidly changing modern world.

    Westernacher has extensive experience and proven track record of helping customers deliver tangible business benefits out of their BMPS initiatives. Our experience spans multiple technologies from leading vendors and industries and processes.


    • SAP Solution Manager (SAP SolMan)
    • SAP Netweaver BPM
    • ARIS
    • AENEIS (Intellior)
    • Lombardi
    • and many more
  • Change Management Strategy

    With the understanding of the “To-Be” processes in mind we analyze with your stakeholders the main difference to the current “As-Is” processes and information and application functionality. We don’t dwell long on the past and we do not waste effort on documenting the past in great detail. We do ensure that everyone understand exactly what will change, how it will change and how that change will affect all players in and outside of the organization. The Change Management Strategy then defines how all the players will be enabled to manage this change and how they will be motivated to adopt the change with enthusiasm.


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