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Start a new kind of customer relationship.

Gain valuable insights and the freedom to use them.

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud Kundenbeziehungen neu erfinden.

An active sales team generates a huge amount of data. However, much of this data is in the form of handwritten notes or just in the heads of sales staff, meaning valuable information can get lost.

However, this wealth of data is an important asset for any company if sales representatives are able to refine it and make it more usable.

With SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, we give your sales team the important space to maintain your customer relationships. After all, the more intense and goal-orientated a customer relationship is, the stronger the customer loyalty.


SAP Hybris Sales Cloud

meets Trade Lanes

Discover the possibilities through the integration
of SAP Hybris Sales Cloud in your logistics processes.

  • Keep control of your trade lane by keeping track
    of your sales opportunities, anytime, anywhere.
  • Give your sales team the opportunity to make profitable decisions through trade lane analysis.
  • Strengthen your sales through this integration
    with valuable logistics information and data.

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud Trade Lane Management

Sales satisfaction: for you and your customer.

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud: Highlights


Beautiful • Insightful • Mobile

On-/Offline • Predictive • Secure Collaborative

Integrated • Future-proof • Leading Technology

Better informed, respond faster, achieve more.

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud: Solutions Overview

Increase your sales success rate. Take advantage of the benefits of working in real-time and the intelligent linking of valuable data. SAP Hybris Sales Cloud combines everything you need for sales success: information, employees, teams and channels.


Recognizing leads
to success.
Real-time analysis.

Work with real-time analysis, ready-to-use interactive dashboards and integrated reports with real information and enable your sales staff to track the right opportunities. No unpleasant surprises and up-to-date information to bring your sales activities to a successful conclusion.



See where leads lead.
lead evaluation.

Evaluate your leads in real-time and recognize which ones are promising. Past opportunities also remain in the system. All leads are evaluated based on your own sales activities and offer you a good estimate of where you are in the sales process.


Immer auf dem neusten Stand. Account- und Opportunity-Management

Always up to date.
Account and
Opportunity Management

With account and opportunity management, you can maintain your customer data quickly and effortlessly. Easily retrieve meaningful customer analyses at any time and keep your team up to date. Leads and opportunities are also created instantly– simply scan the business cards of new contacts using your smartphone or tablet. All contact data is then registered and available to your sales team.



Recognize strengths and potential.

Would you like to know where your sales team is right now and whether the right people are working on the right jobs? Get an exact overview. With SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, you can identify the team members with the best customer relationships and ensure that your sales activities and employees grow and develop in the right direction.

Mehr wissen, Chancen erhöhen. Vorausschauende Analysen.

Know more,
Increase opportunities.
Predictive analysis.

Would you like to know which influencing factors increase your chances of closing a sale? Identify the most important parameters for sales success with predictive analysis. With SAP Hybris Sales Cloud you can obtain the right combination of products and employees from data derived from past performance and take the correct steps to success.


Alles verbinden, Effizienz steigern. Integration

Connect everything,
Increase efficiency.

Increase efficiency in working with common office applications. Unite your data and information in one system. By integrating Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes and Evernote into SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, customer data and notes are automatically synchronized and are always available in your sales department.

Auf das Wesentliche fokussieren. Standardinformationen immer im Blick.

Focus on the essentials.
Standard information
always available to view.

Save valuable time and concentrate on your sales goals rather than spending time with complex searches. SAP Hybris Sales Cloud automatically provides your sales staff with all standard information, such as prices and offers.

So ist Ihr Vertrieb immer up to date. ERP- und CRM-Einbindung.

Are your sales contacts
always up to date?
ERP and CRM Integration.

Provide your sales staff with valuable information and keep them up to date on the most important developments in the company. From financial figures to inventory levels, SAP Hybris Sales Cloud automatically extracts all sales related information from ERP and CRM applications.


Achieve more together – with the right tools.

SAP Jam Collaboration for Sales

SAP Jam Collaboration is made for today’s sales process. Quickly and easily communicate, share important information, ideas and documents: everything on one common platform. Always up to date and connected, meaning you reduce your sales cycles and achieve more deals in a shorter time frame.


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