Customer Engagement and Commerce

Trade reinvented. With SAP Hybris Commerce and Westernacher.

Discover the possibilities that digitalization offers.

SAP Hybris Commerce: Handel neu gedacht. Digitalisierung.

Digitalization changes everything. This includes trade between companies and consumers, as well as between companies themselves. More than ever before, the consumer is at the heart of all activity. Understanding their needs and desires and providing a holistic buying experience is paramount.

Companies that face this challenge head on, open up exciting new opportunities. You can provide your customers with offers tailored exactly to them, any time and anywhere. With SAP Hybris Commerce you have a win-win situation – customers feel understood and companies significantly increase sales. You can also gain valuable sales information with each contact and turn this into new opportunities.

Also discover new possibilities that digitalization offers for trade. As a long-standing SAP partner, Westernacher is your ideal companion to take the step towards digital commerce with SAP Hybris Commerce.

Customers expect more today – create unique buying experiences.

Functions at a glance.

Begeistern, Vertrauen schaffen, Punkten. B2C.

Inspire, create trust, score points.

Increase customer loyalty and sales with a consistent and personalized purchasing experience. With SAP Hybris Commerce for B2C, your customers get what they want when they want it. Any contact with your company, whether online or in the real world, will provide you with new customer information which makes you better equipped to provide valuable buying experiences.


Echten Mehrwert bieten und überzeugen. B2B.

Offer real added value and convince. B2B.

In the digital age, B2B customers also expect more. Direct availability, clear networked information with added value, easy-to-use functionality and a consistent buying experience on all channels. Make it as simple and enjoyable as possible for your customers to do business with you. SAP Hybris Commerce for B2B provides a number of intelligent functions from large purchasing to self service and accounting.

Produktinformationen & Katalog-Management

Product information and
Catalog Management

Control all the relevant production information of your company via a built-in and easy to use system that can operate on all your channels. Provide your customers with valuable and professionally-prepared content at any point during their purchasing decisions- from videos and product photos to text. With SAP Hybris Commerce, you have full control over all relevant marketing materials, even if they come from different sources in your company.

Überall präsent. Omnichannel Performance.

Present everywhere.
Omnichannel Performance.

With SAP Hybris Commerce, you can have combined orders and orders from different channels together in one system. Your customers have the choice between pick up and delivery, as well as uncomplicated return options. All order and order information is available at a glance, is centrally merged and is compared with the exact inventory data of your warehouse.


So gewinnt man Kunden heute – Kauferlebnisse, die begeistern

How to win customers today – Buying experiences that inspire.

Create personalized and suitable purchasing experiences for your customers, as well as inspiring them with your choice of products. With SAP Hybris Commerce, you always have your internet presence in the network under control – on all webpages and on all channels. Take advantage of modern tools and gain valuable data on the behavior of your website visitors. Stay one step ahead so that any contact with your company will be an exciting opportunity for your customers.


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