Customer Engagement and Commerce

Today’s customer has reinvented himself. You need to as well.

Are you ready for the new phase in digital distribution?

SAP Hybris Kundenbeziehungen und Handel: Bereit fuer den digitalen, neuen Vertrieb?

Today, B2B or B2C customers can do almost anything they like. Inform, compare, evaluate, buy, share, recommend. Directly, quickly and on the go. For companies, this new digital customer is a big challenge. With each new addition for customers and consumers, more power and resources are needed.

However, digital change also offers huge opportunities. Companies that connect their employees, technologies and processes can identify trends in seconds and react accordingly. They can recognize customer requirements and exploit opportunities directly instead of chasing them.

Meet your customers head on with the technology and mindset that it takes to achieve great relationships. Use valuable information that will provide you with important data. Strengthen your sales so that your company achieves sustainable success.

Improve your digital customer relationships today.

Comprehensive know-how for your company.

Mit SAP Hybris Webshop- und Omnichannel-Loesungen

Webshop and Omnichannel solutions are a first step towards a digital, customer-orientated company. However, if you want to make full use of your potential and drive your company forward, you need to think more holistically.

Use expert knowledge from a consulting company like Westernacher. We understand the challenges of your market like no other and can help realign your processes for the digital age by using the right technological solution. As a reliable and innovative SAP partner with decades of experience in SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), SAP Transportation Management (TM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), we are more than just a webshop. We cover the whole range of business processes with the latest technological advancements – front-end, back-end and end-to-end. Our intelligent approach to IT solutions gives you the leading business edge.

Solutions for your digital customer relationships.

Our offer for your digital trade and distribution needs.

Handel: SAP Hybris Commerce

Trade –
SAP Hybris Commerce

In this digital age, a unique buying experience tailored to the customer, makes you stand out from the competition. Inspire your customers and above all reach out to them with appropriate offers via their mobile, social media, in a contact centre and in-store. Bring your trade into the digital age with SAP Hybris Commerce and the experts at Westernacher. Learn more about digital commerce.

Vertrieb - SAP Hybris Sales Cloud

Sales –
SAP Hybris Sales Cloud

Streamline your sales processes so that your team can deal less with management and more with your customers. With SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, your employees can generate leads quickly and achieve a higher starting rate for new opportunities. With SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, you get the right information at the right time so that you can make every customer interaction target-orientated. Click here for digital distribution.

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