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Simplicity is the key to winning in this digital networked economy. SAP S/4HANA is a reimagined suite for businesses, designed to help companies and organizations run simple, in our connected environment. Link people, devices and business networks dynamically, enabling you to redesign business models. Get instant insight on data, predicting and simulating outcomes in real-time to reconfigure business decisions. Focusing on the essential tasks as they occur and adapting on the fly, allows you to reimagine business processes. SAP S/4HANA delivers the simplicity that you need to succeed in the digital world


Within the age of digitization, where unique products are constantly on our radar, competition is growing and access to information is practically unlimited, one of the most valuable assets for companies becomes the customer. Keeping the existing customer base and attracting new customers is key. We could call this era “the age of the customer”. Being in this period means that customers have a variety of choice where to purchase their goods, so their commitment level to a company does not necessarily have to be as developed as it was in the past. Two main questions are “how do we retain our customer base?” and “how do we increase our customer base?”


Increasing customer expectations and complex supply chains are driving higher inventories and higher costs. Supply Chain Managers face the difficult task of synchronizing demand and supply while building up the optimum of inventories, capacities and availability – despite demand fluctuations. Westernacher delivers “best-in-class” planning and analytics solutions for strategic, tactical and operational planning


Companies with best in class supply chains have up to 60% lower transportation costs than those at the bottom end of the scale. In a highly connected world, transportation is not a support process. It enables revenue growth, increases service levels and significantly improves transparency and efficiency. Learn how our customers achieve a reduction in operational costs and take better control of their key logistical processes


The yard is an important part of the overall network as it serves as connection between inbound and outbound processes as well as storage location for transportation resources. A lot of companies are facing the problem, that the yard is running on paper or Microsoft Excel and requires a lot of manual work. SAP Yard Logistics enables customers to move to the new age of digitalization by providing interfaces for industry 4.0 and to the Internet of Things


Distribution centres, production supply, contract logistics, end-to-end supply chains, eCommerce and transportation integration – small sites, global roll-outs, complex warehouse locations, automation and material flow control? We are experts and quality leaders, when it comes to the deployment, implementation and integration of industry-specific warehouse operations


Internet of Things brings about a paradigm shift in the way people, processes and things are connected through advanced systems. Not investing in IoT, is and will be, a costly mistake for companies in the current environment of digitization and business model disruption

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture consistently links business processes and strategies with IT applications and data architecture. It is a powerful management tool that enables us to see and control business processes, data and technologies in a holistic way. This allows you to implement a long-term business vision and make it tangible and measurable for your company. The focus on an architecture with a holistic goal promotes the elimination of redundancies and contributes to cost optimization