Project & Change Management

Quality Assurance – Do it right at the first time

Over the last few years, the way projects are handled has changed substantially. Processes have to be implemented in a more complex environment. Program and application development is getting more sophisticated with more variety. Software runs on heterogeneous platforms and is subject to constant changes which are often maintained by distributed teams.

Our Quality Management approach takes all these circumstances into account. We run a systematic total-quality-model. The object is not only the project itself, but also the project environment, the project customer and in certain projects also legal compliance.

Westernacher Quality Assurance services include:
  • Advising senior management in raising quality awareness and in the implementation of Quality Management within the company
  • Promoting an open and non-repressive corporate culture at all hierarchal levels to enable identification and analysis of weak areas
  • Using quality improvement measures throughout to facilitate and complement Quality Control at the end of a process / project
  • Advising Project Management on Quality Assurance to ensure that quality becomes an integral part of the entire project
  • Determining and implementing Quality Assurance measures (Quality Planning), and Quality Control (including automated testing, load and performance tests)
  • Consulting, planning and execution of test, validation and go-live phases. Independent Quality Control by an external service provider can be useful, in particular when using a third party provider to implement a new software
  • Implementing Configuration Management (CM processes / principles / tools) to help promote integrated quality awareness