International SAP Roll Out

    International SAP Roll Out

    Your trusted partner at home and abroad

    Supply chains and target markets are increasingly global. You need to be able to source, produce and sell in all regions of the world and need processes and information to flow seamlessly. In such a setting, large synergies and efficiency gains can be achieved by using a central globally integrated ERP solution.

    This has the advantage of leveraging processes which are already proven enabling business growth on a stable, transparent and solid basis and reducing overall IT costs.

    Our approach:

    Together we achieve this goal by addressing the key challenges:

    Key challenges:
    • Ensuring efficient and globally adopted processes
    • Local regulatory and tax compliance, hard requirements vs. nice-to-have
    • Risk controlled roll out strategy and roll out management
    • Knowledge transfer to local resources in critical areas both before and after local launch (e.g. parent company GAAP standards)
    • Legacy data migration
    • Global master data harmonization and consolidation

    Westernacher as your Partner in International SAP Roll Out

    We are your trusted partner who can speak both your and the local language, both the IT and business language and who understands the requirements of the roll out location as well as the objectives of the headquarters. Westernacher can get it done ef´Čüciently and well. We have offices and employees in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, USA, India, China, Singapore, and have our own subsidiaries and a network of freelance consultants and partners in Brazil, and Russia.


    Through this global presence we can guarantee quality, consistency and cost effectiveness at home and abroad. Westernacher operates as one global, seamless team which is just what you need to get your processes and systems running seamlessly and efficiently on a global scale.