Utilities & Telecommunication

Utilities & Telecommunication

Westernacher helps Utilities & Telecommunication companies optimize their Asset Management, Resource Scheduling, Customer facing processes and Regulatory compliance by designing and implementing Strategic, Operational and SAP solutions.

Following a time of tremendous growth the Utilities & Telecommunication industries face limited expansion opportunities due to slow GDP growth and a lack of external financing. This is further complicated by strong downward margin pressures due to increased competition and a maturing asset base. The regulatory compliance burden is at its historic peak and sets the industry new challenging targets in terms of external and stakeholder reporting.

Our services include the following:

  • Process optimization & best practice

    Analysis and Implementation of continuous Process Improvements:

    Standing still means going backwards. To maintain competitive advantage an organization needs to constantly look to improve processes and IT solutions. Westernacher offers Smart Business KPI Checks and continuous analysis and evaluation regarding potential process optimizations. We also consider what benefit SAP Enhancement Packs and releases will bring to your business.

  • Feasibility Studies

    Selection of the Best Fit Process and IT Solution:

    Technology decisions are not always straightforward and need to be backed up with a solid business case. Westernacher helps clients select and evaluate different technology solutions with robust evaluation and measurement criteria. These feasibility studies would consider both SAP and non-SAP solutions.

  • Technology strategy & architecture

    Many firms today enjoy rapid growth, but are constrained by systems that are not in sync with changing organizational structures and processes. When facing new challenges, companies often find that their systems cannot easily adapt to their business models and processes. This has often led to development of peripheral, and in some cases disparate systems, making it difficult for the organization to swiftly manage change in business or IT systems.

    Westernacher specializes in bridging the gaps between information technology and your organization’s business strategy and decision-making needs.

  • System implementations and support

    “Knowing where to go is important – but reaching your goals is the real achievement”

    Based on our Company’s Philosophy, we help our customers realize their target processes in conjunction with relevant SAP Solutions and new technologies. In doing so, we also take cognisance of the change management required and consider organizational requirements starting from the definition of new roles and responsibilities to training and enablement.

  • Application Support & Services

    After the successful go-live of an implementation, professional support to maintain operational excellence plays a vital role. Westernacher offers customer tailored Support Services on a global basis.