Life Sciences

Our functional competence

 Our services focus on the following topics:

  • Grow Your Top & Bottom Line
    • Portfolio Management Solution
      Managing investments tied to return-on-investment (ROI), strategic direction and risk is the ideal, but also a challenge. At Westernacher, we have helped clients find solutions to efficiently select projects worth pursuing, manage and their product portfolio from ideas to launch, and maximize their existing portfolio.
    • New Product/Launch Planning
      Our capabilities in planning and tracking solutions using existing, custom developed or off-shelf systems solutions, as well as creating alignment between people, processes and technology, help clients bring their concepts to the marketplace swiftly and efficiently.
    • Market Planning
      Planning is key in getting the right products to the right market segments. Our expertise has helped customers create fully integrated demand and supply planning systems, including order management and integrated inventory management solutions.
    • Post-Merger Integration
      Our services include end-to-end integration project management, including change management, enterprise and legal entity design for cost optimization, shared services models, system integration ranging from full integration to “bolt-on” solutions. We help customers realize their potential throughout the integration process by helping them identify, implement and track synergies and cost savings.
    • Business Process Optimization
    • Shared Services/Outsourcing Models
      Leverage new technologies full potential. Let us help you define your collaboration strategy, processes and tools. We help clients get lasting benefits from implementing intuitive collaboration tools and fully work-flow enabled processes.
  • Manage Your Top & Bottom Line
    • Financial and Operational Planning and Budgeting
      Westernacher helps customers take the pain out of budgeting and financial planning by creating easy-to-use, fully integrated and version controlled planning processes.
    • Product/Customer Profitability Assessment
      Know your bottom line. Westernacher can help you get you the analytics you need when you need them. Whether in branded pharma, generics or medical devices, Westernacher has the expertise to help you get timely and accurate profitability information by product, brand, market, or business entity.
    • R&D Project Costing and Evaluation
      Assessing, budgeting, tracking and accounting for development projects is a challenge for many life science companies; not only from a process but also a systems perspective. We provide advice on process optimization and systems integration.
    • Service Supply Chain
      Westernacher views the supply chain as a seamless link between the activities and functions involved in creating products or services, which starts with your supplier’s supplier and ends with your customer’s customer. By treating the Supply Chain holistically, conjointly optimizing all of its constituents, we help you unleash your company’s potential and improve your competitive edge.
    • Network & Inventory Optimization
    • Revenue Assurance
  • Be Compliant
    • Document Management
      Data sharing and collaboration internally, across sites and with third parties is increasingly important for cost-efficient research and development. Westernacher helps implement and optimize knowledge management tools to share structured and unstructured research information.
    • Quality Management
      Be it the implementation or optimization of quality systems per se, or the implementation and optimization of your companies quality processes, Westernacher has the experience and know-how to help assure quality and compliance.
    • E-Submissions/ Regulatory Submissions Management
      Electronic document management systems can greatly facilitate and speed up the work of regulatory departments. However, these somewhat stand-alone solutions are usually not fully integrated into the end-to-end R&D document management process. Westernacher can help release the full efficiency potential of electronic submissions by making them an integral part of your companies electronic data management solutions.
    • cGxP Compliance
      The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates that any life science company is operated in a state of control that ensure compliance with the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act and portions of the cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations. For life science companies, this translates into Quality, Facilities and Equipment, Materials, Production, Packaging and Labeling as well as Laboratory Control Systems, to ensure products are handled in a traceable, ‘controlled’ manner. Westernacher can help implement the overarching compliance strategy and processes. We also have experience in implementing detailed compliance controls, reports and monitoring tools at the system module or integrated system level.
    • Medicaid Reporting
      In the US, most pharmaceutical companies participate in the Drug Rebate Program. Price calculations, data validation, submission and documentation methodologies create a wealth of challenges for companies with integrated ERP environments. Westernacher addresses these challenges by analyzing each companies’ unique situation, since the underlying data structures determine the best solution and whether an out-of-box package or an integrated custom solution is more viable.
    • Track & Trace Pedigree and Serialization
      Westernacher efficiently and proactively guides customers through the entire Pedigree and Serialization integration process.