The automotive industry is confronting a number of trends that create new challenges while also providing opportunities for growth. These trends include significant global expansions, mergers and acquisitions, the introduction of alternate energy driven vehicles, the need for sustainability, and the demands of operating in a “connected” world.

Other changes in the market include increasingly responsive supply networks, global factories and ability to support worldwide R&D and increasingly complex development cycles – while auto dealers are sprucing up service and customer satisfaction efforts to enable service part planning and order fulfillment to satisfy customer who are more in the know.

As the automotive supply chains continue to evolve, the following features that were once viewed as a competitive advantage will become imperative:

  1. Integrated Supply Chain
  2. Traceability of products at all times
  3. Responsive and adaptive Supply Chain (not just reactive)
  4. Efficient logistics execution processes

The other challenge will be to find the right partner to help organizations with the holistic strategy roadmap, navigate the course of technology implementations and deliver true value while steering clear of potential landmines.

With our proven industry expertise and a strong track record of helping organizations achieve their business transformation goals, Westernacher can be the right partner for you. As one of the leaders in Business & IT consulting Westernacher offers the following services:

  • Best Practice Process & IT Health Checks

    Comparison to best practice and potential areas of improvement:

    Through structured workshops with the customer we jointly conduct a high-level process and IT review and evaluate potential areas of optimization based on best practice. While doing so, we also recommend necessary actions for improvement including the anticipated business benefits.

  • Feasibility Study

    Selection of the best fit process and IT solution:

    Based on our proven practical methods, we help organizations establish well-grounded decision-making processes to select the best fit IT solutions. We pride ourselves on our process-oriented and product-blind approach to choosing a solution that delivers maximum business value.

  • Operational & IT Transformation

    Process optimization, IT roadmap, SAP implementation and organizational development:

    “Knowing where to go is important – but reaching your goals is the real achievement”
    Our company philosophy is to help our customers realize their target processes in conjunction with relevant solutions (SAP or non-SAP) and new technologies. While doing so, we remain cognizant of the change management that it entails and ensure that due consideration is given to the organizational requirements starting from the definition of new roles and responsibilities and running all the way up to training and enablement.

  • Opex or capex? Buy or rent? Westernacher Managed Services

    Pre-defined SAP solutions for automotive companies as Managed Services:

    Automotive companies nowadays are leaning increasingly towards renting licenses together with a bundle of services such as hosting, Application Management and support services. Using this approach, the investment costs to our customers will transform into plannable and better manageable operational costs with the flexibility to adapt licensing and IT infrastructure in accordance with changing business requirements. Westernacher is a pioneer in delivering Managed Services for automotive companies and offers pre-defined SAP solutions and customer tailored services.

  • Support to maintain Operational Excellence

    Defined application support and services:

    After the successful launch of an implementation, professional support to maintain operational excellence plays a vital role. Westernacher offers customer tailored support services on a global basis.

  • Continuous Process Improvements

    Analysis and implementation of continuous process improvements:

    Standing still means going backwards. In order to maintain a competitive advantage an organization needs to constantly look to improve processes and IT solutions. Westernacher offers smart business KPI checks and continuous analysis and evaluation of potential process optimizations. We also consider what benefits enhancement packs and releases will bring to your business.