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SAP Yard Logistics is recommended for complex yard processes in the following scenarios:

  • Distribution Centers with more than 15 ramps
  • Transit Warehouses
  • Container Terminals (Dry Ports as well as Sea Ports)
  • Complex Rail Yards
  • Big industry parks for Oil & Gas
  • Wide open yards, such as in the Agriculture business

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SAP Yard Logistics – A closer look at the functionalities

  • Planning
    Schedule your doors in the most efficient way possible using a graphical interface. Your shunting or coupling operations in the yard can also be planned and optimized. Find the most efficient plan for all your yard movements.
  • Execution
    Let drivers check in themselves via an HTML5 terminal application. Never lose communication with drivers in the yard by using the SMS communication. A mobile application is available for yard operators. Take pictures of loads to ensure loading was done properly, and upload them directly into the system.
  • 3D Visualization
    Become the ‘master of the yard’ by having access to detailed, 3D visualization pictures. Even creating ad-hoc tasks via the cockpit is possible. Searching for transportation resources such as containers or trailers is easier than ever with SAP Yard Logistics.
  • Upcoming Transports
    See all upcoming transports on a map. Communicate with carriers via a web-platform and ensure expected arrival times are met.
  • Connect Sensors
    Data sensors, such as temperature sensors or detecting the occupation of certain areas can be easily connected to the system. We’ll help you find the best architecture, either via a direct integration, or via the cloud platform.
  • Connect Scales, Barriers or LEDs
    Connecting scales is a common scenario. But what happens after taking the weight of a truck or railcar? The Yard Logistics system helps you to determine if the measured weight corresponds to the information from your warehousing system. It also helps you to manage any exceptions and connect with barriers or LEDs.

Keep better track of transportation resources

If you ever lose track of any transportation resource, the ‘Yard Cockpit’ will help you to easily find the current location of your container, railcar, locomotive, trailer or truck.

Find suitable transportation resources in your yard

What if you have a load ready, but don’t know where a suitable container is? No problem – the search functionality helps you to find the closest appropriate container.

Automate Check-in via camera gate

Checking in can work via a terminal application, but can also be completely automated. The camera gate can be connected and programmed to check for valid orders based on license plates of incoming resources.

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