Warehouse Management

More than 30 years of expertise in warehouse management

Westernacher’s core competence is business process and IT consulting in the field of supply chain management based on SAP products. From supply chain planning to execution, from monitoring to optimization.

Our services span a wide range from evaluation and planning services to prototyping, building and deploying warehouse software solutions primarily based on SAP technology.

Westernacher has more than 30 years of expertise in warehouse management and successfully went life with more than 250 warehouse projects across various industries.

  • SAP EWM – Extended Warehouse Management

    SAP has been providing warehouse management functions since the release of SAP R/3 2.0. This means, it can look back on more than two decades of experience in warehouse management and countless successful implementations. Ever since the first SAP R/3-based versions and leading right up to the current SAP SCM-based systems, functionality has been continually expanded and adjusted according to customers’ needs.

    In 2005, in addition to Warehouse Management (WM) as part of SAP ERP, SAP introduced the considerably more efficient SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).

    Integration of SAP EWM:

    Originally under the umbrella of SAP Service Parts Management, today SAP EWM is an independent application that can be used in any warehouse environment for any industry and also be integrated with SAP TM, SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP APO and latest SAP innovations in the area of e-commerce and e-procurement.

    SAP EWM was originally developed for complex warehouse and distribution centers with a high number of different products and a high document volume, and in contrast to WM, it offers many new and expanded functions and process modelling capabilities.

  • LES – Logistics Execution System

    Logistics Execution System (LES) is part of SAP ERP / ECC and contains the LE-WM component for warehouse management.

    For smaller warehouses with standard processes, LE-WM is an approved product for warehouse management with the advantage of seamless integration with the ERP-System. LE-WM in combination with yard management and shipment and transportation management covers most of the logistics processes. The large number of installations guarantees stability.

    LE-WM provides broad support of mobile processes on forklift-mounted or handheld terminals. If there are requirements in terms of resource management, they can be set up using the component Task and Resource Management (LE-TRM). In addition to this, TRM allows improved indirect coupling to material flow systems and supports processes such as value added services.

  • WLS – Westernacher Warehouse Logistics

    WLS™ has been Westernacher’s own warehouse management and material flow control system based on SAP NetWeaver™.

    The strength of WLS™ is the integrated versatile material flow control system for automated warehouses. In WLS™, all stock is transparent at any time. WLS™ controls automated devices such as cranes, conveyors, sorters, sensors, label applicators, shrink wrappers, scales, shape checks and stacking robots via its PLC interface.

    WLS™ supports handheld and forklift-mounted terminals, mobile printers, pick-to-light workplaces and pick-to-voice systems. Due to the flexible architecture, WLS™ can be configured as a pure material flow control system and be combined with LE-WM, TRM and even SAP EWM.

To help you to improve your business processes and your service levels, our consulting experts analyze your needs and advise you on how your business and technical requirements can be mapped against SAP product functionality. We will guide you from package selection through to implementation and make sure you will get the most out of SAP solutions.

Today we can claim to be the quality leader when it comes to deploying warehouse management solutions based on SAP technology. We are the first partner who implemented SAP EWM on HANA™.

Global Presence, Expert Competence and Ability to Execute:
  • Global practice and execution capabilities for multi-national clients
  • Agile deployments and regional rollouts leveraging templates and Westernacher best-practices
  • End-to-end implementation: Printers, Mobile devices, RFID, PLC and retrofits in one package
  • MFS and warehouse automation pioneers with SAP technology
  • The Supply Chain Management solutions experts: We are building SCM solutions integrating EWM with SAP TM, SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP APO and the latest SAP innovations in the area of e-commerce and e-procurement – the one stop shop.

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