Transportation Management

The Journey of Optimizing Transportation Processes

The complexity of global supply chains is growing while technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Transportation costs are increasing, legal requirements are constantly changing and at the same time customers expect the highest levels of service. To tackle these tangible challenges, the need for an efficient, highly connected transportation platform is very real.

Learn from us how Westernacher has made the critical step towards efficient and advanced transportation execution processes for many of our customers. We believe that only by combining a deep business competence, a state of the art software solution and an outstanding team of consultants we can deliver a successful transformation project.

  • Business Competence

    Achieve your transformation goals with experts who provide deep-rooted business and industry expertise.

    Your business and your processes are unique. We at Westernacher always start a project by defining a clear target process structure with derived value levers to justify a business case. Only by combining deep domain expertise with excellent business know-how, you will achieve value in your project. We provide you with industry experts who are vertically specialized in optimizing transportation processes for your particular industry segment and truly understand your individual pain points to offer solutions.

  • Solution Know-How

    Find the right software solution for your transportation needs.

    In a market flooded with technology, it is easy to get lost in the jungle of software vendors and their capabilities. We at Westernacher always start by analyzing the fit of IT solutions based on your individual needs. We have specialized our expertise in 3 recommended solutions:

    • SAP Transportation Management: The most advanced software solution to cover holistic transportation processes. SAP TM can be deployed in a modular fashion. Key indications that SAP TM is the right solution for you are: you have a need to optimize transportation routes, schedules and load planning, you calculate freight rates and verify invoices, you procure transportation space or you forecast transportation demand and sell transportation as a service.
    • SAP Event Management: One of the most underestimated SAP solutions. SAP Event Management, also known as track and trace, helps you to manage your process KPIs and milestones. It can be used to track and trace shipments and progress in a warehouse, provide status updates to your teams and customers and monitor critical KPIs in a control tower.
    • SAP ERP Logistics Execution and Transport (LE-TRA): As part of the classic SAP ERP suite, SAP LE-TRA has essential functionalities when it comes to manufacturing or production companies with shipping demand. It is mostly chosen by customers with existing SAP ERP systems in order to manually plan and track shipments as well as to calculate basic freight rates.
  • Consulting Services

    Work with professionals who combine business competence and solution expertise.

    To achieve your project implementation goals you need a reliable team of professionals who can combine business competence and solution expertise embedded in a strong organization providing best in class tools and methodologies. It is crucial for us to look beyond this horizon. Our consulting services start supporting you long before starting an IT implementation. We engage with you much earlier by analyzing your business pain-points, advising you on the strategic direction of your supply chain, justifying an investment decision, evaluating software capabilities and training your teams which ensures success in an end-to-end process implementation. After achieving implementation we guide you on continues improvements and provide application maintenance services to enable a ‘zero disruption’ utilization of your solution.

Here are a few classic examples of how we engage with our clients.

We are happy to engage with you in any stage of your transformation journey:

Do you want to benchmark where you are standing with your process KPIs against your peers?
Our supply chain health check enables you to analyze very early on where hidden potential lies in your supply chain.

Do you have a clear understanding of your critical pain points already?
Work with us to define a transformation roadmap.

Are you ready to issue a request for a quotation with a software vendor?
We are there to support you in the decision process with a fit/gap analysis and effort/value evaluation as well as the end-to-end system implementation.

Are you already implementing your chosen SAP application but you are facing challenges with implementation?
We are happy to provide our most experienced solution architects to guide you out of stormy waters.

Have you already succeeded in implementing SAP?
Westernacher´s application maintenance services support you in running your applications without disruption while continuously guiding you on process improvements.

Interested? Book your individual Supply Chain discovery workshop.

Are you interested in working with us to explore how your transportation processes can be optimized, what value you can achieve and how we can make the journey to reach this goal together? We are happy to meet you for a transportation discovery workshop in your preferred location around the world.

Please contact us with any questions or just call us on +49 6221 187 62 – 100.

We look forward to hearing from you.