Planning & Analytics

From Customer Value to Operations Strategy

Globally optimized Supply Chain Management is a key factor for realizing better business potential and increased revenues. The traditional supply chain has been organizationally segmented, thus inevitably leading to functional conflicts resulting in delays and distortion at interfaces. An optimized supply chain comprehensively covers every activity, process and operation that goes into planning, sourcing, producing and delivering a final product to the customer.

Westernacher views the supply chain as a seamless link between all activities and functions involved in creating products or services, starting with your supplier’s supplier and ending with your customer’s customer. By treating the supply chain holistically, we help you to unleash your company’s potential and to improve your competitive edge.


The critical success factors are the following:

Organizational analysis: We help you determine whether you can fulfill customers’ requirements, investigating your capabilities and current resource availability, such as added value logistics and supplier capacities, and whether you could optimize transportation, warehousing or production over multiple networks and activities.

An effective implementation strategy: We support you to streamline processes and management, match resources with demand, and reduce distribution costs, which all result in an optimized supply chain. Our hands-on approach ensures that your implementation strategy can be broken down into low-level operational details.

The right implementation partner: Driving the SCM optimization effort requires the capability and experience to deliver both technical solutions and effective business process management.

Our consultants have the requisite technical and extensive supply chains expertise. In addition, we also understand cultural differences and cross-cultural nuances. We provide enterprises with an end-to-end consulting approach that comprehensively covers strategic processes, recommendations for business process designs along with the implementation of IT solutions, which are most suited for their planning and optimization requirements.