Customer Management


Service determines the market success

Don’t see service as a cost factor, but rather imagine each instance of service as a unique opportunity to impress your customers once more. Each service successfully provided is a step towards making these people loyal customers.

You have a 360° customer profile and therefore a real-time overview of all customer interactions at all times, regardless of the channel via which these occur.


  • What can we do for your service differentiation?
    • Business consulting for process optimization
    • Provision of a holistic customer perspective
    • Implementation of modern IT tools to reach a higher level of customer satisfaction with all service processes
    • Creation of efficient solutions to control and check all warranty claims and refunds
    • Efficient planning of the deployment of your employees for more rapid service provision
  • Benefits for your Service department

    Service as a strategy and identity
    Service is becoming an increasingly important factor for customers and is developing an identity. The customer can tell if you are acting in a customer-focused manner at all times and in every location or situation. This results in an opportunity to offer value added services to expand the own business and give the customer security.

    Service creates inspiration
    Nowadays, customers have a different awareness of service. Customers wish to be surprised with services that they had not expected over and over again. This includes the creation of innovative service offers and the continual optimal provision of existing services.

    Service is the basis of loyalty
    Loyalty is generated through unique, individual experiences. Service can help here. Service enables you to adjust to the customer’s wishes in an individualistic manner and achieve customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the first step to achieving loyalty, so it is a fundamental requirement.

  • Our solutions

    Sales Health Check
    Compare yourself with the best in service.
    SAP Hybris Cloud for Service
    Stay a step ahead of customer expectations with SAP Hybris Cloud for Service. This cloud-based customer service software makes it easy to offer multiple service channels, access complete and contextual customer information, and gain real-time insight into call centre performance.

    SAP CRM Service
    The service business is changing. Customers now have higher expectations than they had in the past:
    Service organizations must provide fast, consistent, high quality service and, at the same time, service organizations are asked to reduce costs and increase revenue and profitability
    SAP CRM offers a complete end-to-end solution for your service business and helps you to increase customer loyalty and to boost profitability.

    SAP Hybris commerce SAP CRM Integration
    The integration of SAP CRM back-end and SAP Hybris Commerce allows customers to use the strength of SAP CRM functions with the best in class commerce solutions by Hybris. Several integration scenarios exists such as B2C, asynchrony B2B or complete integration of B2C and B2B.

    Omnichannel Customer Service Solutions
    Rely on comprehensive omnichannel customer service – achieved with SAP Hybris software – so that your company can meet the expectations of its most demanding customers. Improve customer satisfaction and strengthen loyalty to make your entire organization more competitive. Enable contact center channels through phone, e-mail, chat, and SMS, while empowering agents to streamline processes and provide multichannel service excellence.
    Use SAP Ariba systems to implement efficient workflow management.

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