Customer Management

Customer Management is the next competitive battleground

Sustainable success through Customer Management, Sales and Service Excellence

Companies are always faced with new challenges. The central focus should be specific customer needs and the creation of customer value. This enables a sustainable increase in sales success. An outstanding sales performance is the key to sustainable success.

Now is the age of the customer. This requires insights to be obtained from data and customer experiences, taking account of the move towards mobile and boosting digital business.

Successful companies have recognised that their vision and mission can only be achieved if all departments work together to create synergy.

It is essential to know end-to-end processes, customers and products. Using highly modern IT systems, all of the parties involved can use their special processes to create the perfect customer experience. Companies continue to develop themselves and want to steadily improve their business at the same time.


Nowadays it is all about enabling buyers to demand new choices, experiences and values to generate long-term customer loyalty. However, this requires a high degree of scalability of IT systems, flexibility and market knowledge.

Marketing, sales and service support other departments with the optimisation of processes and the attainment of added value.

  • Our Best Practice Approach

    With our best practice approach, we support you in all end-to-end processes:

    • Best practice optimization
    • E-commerce and e-marketing
    • Service excellence
    • Customer relationship management (CRM)
    • Digital transformation
    • Sales excellence
    • System Integration
  • Our portfolio for your success

    Marketing and Sales

    • Campaign Management
    • Lead and Opportunity Management
    • Activity Management
    • Contract Management
    • Distributed Order Management
    • Hybris Omnichannel Commerce
    • SAP Customer Activity Repository (SAP CAR)
  • Our services

    IT must ensure that the correct information is made available at the right time via the right channel. Together with you, we combine marketing and IT expertise to meet your current challenges.

    Highly qualified consultants with many years of experience in business and IT support you in all phases of your company’s transformation, whether it is with marketing, sales, service or IT. In this way we maximise your turnover, create more streamlined processes and implement tailored processes in a cost-efficient and effective manner.

    We focus on the following core competencies:
    • Digitale Transformation
    • Marketing Performance
    • Sales Optimization
    • Service Excellence