Customer Experience with SAP and Westernacher

Experience Matters!

Within the age of digitization, where unique products are constantly on our radar, competition is growing and access to information is practically unlimited, one of the most valuable assets for companies becomes the customer. Keeping the existing customer base and attracting new customers is key. We could call this era “the age of the customer”. Being in this period means that customers have a variety of choice where to purchase their goods, so their commitment level to a company does not necessarily have to be as developed as it was in the past. Two main questions are “how do we retain our customer base?” and “how do we increase our customer base?”.


The answer is all about customer experience. Providing a top-class experience for the customer is the starting point for the successful transition from one-time customer to loyal customer. It is not only about a positive purchasing experience, it is also about providing the same level of experience over the whole customer lifecycle. Key for an outstanding CX is knowledge about the customer. All interactions have to be easily accessible, no matter where the interaction happens in the customer journey.


Empower your sales with SAP Sales Cloud.


Deliver an effortless, end-to-end service experience with SAP Service Cloud.


Create a personalized, omnichannel customer experience with SAP Commerce Cloud.


Provide your business with trusted data via SAP Marketing Cloud.


Manage data protection and privacy with SAP Customer Data Cloud.

What Do We Do?

Westernacher Customer Experience helps you with comprehensive process, IT and cloud know-how to help you on your journey to the digital suite and, furthermore, to the digital enterprise.

We support you in your mission to provide your customer with a seamless experience at every stage, because ‘experience matters!’

Integration into End-to-End process.

Although Customer Experience applications provide substantial value as standalone solutions, significant benefit also comes from the integration with core backend systems and other applications; these could be cloud based or on-premise.

Westernacher has a strong commitment to accompany our customers on the complete end-to-end journey. This mindset is key to our success.


The journey does not stop with the integration of Customer Experience into the logistics and financial processes, it also includes the idea of an end-to-end Digital Supply Chain, which includes planning, analytics, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, as well as yard logistics processes.

Why Cloud Software?

Companies that run on SAP have become accustomed to the idea that they can adjust their systems to a very high degree in order to suit very specific needs. The time-to-value KPI was quite long and the total cost of ownership increased with every new adjustment to the standard best practice processes.

Furthermore, these nitty-gritty details are the main reason why system release upgrades are skipped or pushed into the future because the implementation and testing effort was so immense.

Cloud products offer standardized best practice processes to their customer and with that comes better “time-to-value”. The implementation time gets reduced and with that the cost of the overall implementation.

Turn Standardization to your Advantage

The faster the product can be used by the customers, the more standardization is needed. Imagine that the core of the software is not just used by you, but by other customers too and that makes it necessary that the core is not changed by any customer, but by the software vendor. This makes the core robust and enables the software vendor to roll out innovations at a much faster rate than was previously possible.

Standardization does not imply that adjustments are not possible. In fact, enhancements are possible via an extensibility framework, which safeguards the core of the software so that it remains unaffected.

Intelligent Enterprise

The SAP intelligent enterprise delivers new innovations quarterly and this will change the best practices that we all know. We already see next-generation best practices in the cloud that utilize AI and ML and reduce a lot of leg work. These next practices will be THE new differentiator for your business.


Empower your sales with SAP Sales Cloud.

Focus on the customer. Give your team the tools that allow them to concentrate on building relationships with customers and selling instead of analyzing data and updating spreadsheets. SAP Sales Cloud is an AI-powered CRM platform, helping you to deal with everyday tasks, delivering a 360-degree view of the customer, enabling effective preparation and the ability to close a deal, as well as including the process of rewarding the participants. Equip your sales team with a solution which allows them to work more quickly, efficiently and sell more.

Go beyond quote-to-cash

Bridge the gap between front-end and back-end. Manage revenue, billing and invoicing.

Configure to success

Configure products easily, online. Sell highly complex products. Close bigger deals faster by automating the quote process.

Accelerate sales

Stay ahead with real-time scoring and predictive analytics. Get a complete view of customers and opportunities. Work mobile – online and offline.

Quotes and contracts support

Eliminate manual work. Automate routine tasks. AI-powered guided selling and individual pricing increase efficiency and allow people to concentrate on selling.

Manage sales territories and incentives

Provide intelligent, real-time territory and quota management. Create, manage and distribute compensation plans.


Deliver effortless, end-to-end service experience with SAP Service Cloud.

Even the best products need servicing. Make it the center of your customer experience. Seamlessly support your customers throughout their entire journey. SAP Service Cloud helps to provide 24/7, direct, omnichannel communication, providing the ability to mix automated responses, human agents, chat bots and community-based help. Meet expectations – keep parties informed with a properly scaled workforce, support agents with thorough knowledge and tools. Boost performance by creating an on-demand service network and leveraging crowdsourcing.

Build a unified service experience

Assist technicians with insights to support issue resolution. Create a single view of customer-based complete interaction history. Optimize end-to-end issue resolution.

Create an elite team of experts

Prepare your team to meet service demands and volumes. Train your team to be ready for any situation. Empower employees using gamification techniques and incentives.

Deliver the next generation of self-service

Intelligent, cloud-based customer service provides faster and more accurate levels of support. Let AI help your agents. Make information easily discoverable and work become more effective.

Manage your Field Service

Automatically schedule sources to meet growing demands. Create an on-demand network to connect and expand your service capabilities.


Create personalized, omnichannel customer experience with SAP Commerce Cloud.

Business is moving to an online world. Customers spend more money on the web. Equip your company with a single platform that is able to run most of your commerce process. SAP Commerce Cloud doesn’t limit markets you work in as it supports a variety of business markets and industry-specific scenarios. Stop worrying about multiple, hard to integrate applications and obtain most features quickly – out of the box or simply by extending. Prepare for comprehensive, highly personalized and targeted content delivered ‘in the moment’. Run an omnichannel, differentiated and personalized commerce experience.

Get a single commerce solution

Reduce the cost of ownership by simplifying the commerce setup. Support end-to-end e-commerce process.

Support all market models

Deliver a consistent experience across B2B, B2C, B2B2C markets.

Leverage industry-specific capabilities

Use best practices and industry specific capabilities embedded in accelerators for financial services, travel, telecommunications, media and the public sector.

Realize fast ROI

Gain on pre-built SAP system integrations and possibilities to extend your framework with microservices.


Provide your business with trusted data via SAP Marketing Cloud.

The era of traditional marketing approaches has passed. Today’s customers require more. Deliver personalized, relevant experiences in real-time and understand customer needs. SAP Marketing Cloud uses data rather than just gathering it. By providing a complete customer profile based on data from across your business, it allows you to successfully plan your marketing actions. Machine learning supporting business analytics measures the impact of your marketing and allows you to support the decision-making process and spend budgets effectively. Track your success and make your next campaign more effective.

Personalize the customer experience

Deliver individualized customer experiences based on deep insights and get a single view of the customer. Identify and target best audiences with advanced machine learning capabilities.

Drive revenue through marketing

Understand what is driving business growth. Get a single view of the performance of marketing activities. Measure the impact of marketing activities, optimize and make data-driven decisions to get a return on marketing investments.

Generate demand and growth in B2B

Close the gap between marketing and sales. Create and convert high-quality leads. Get a holistic view of your customer accounts by gathering data across the enterprise.


Manage data protection and privacy with SAP Customer Data Cloud.

Trust between brand and customer is the base of a beneficial relationship. Managing data protection and privacy is crucial. SAP Customer Data Cloud is a powerful solution allowing you to grow your audience through trusted, personalized and transparent data control capabilities provided at every touchpoint. Customer self-service in the field of data and preferences management, secure registration and authentication consistent across all channels, ensure customers feel safe and additional support for social media login also makes it convenient. Secure and grow your business by turning anonymous visitors into loyal customers.

Boost conversion and engagement

Provide a user-friendly registration and login experience. Capture valuable data. Protect customers against fraud and identity theft. Create long-term brand loyalty.

Build trusted relationships

Be transparent and allow customers to control their own data. Implement a holistic solution taking care of customer profiles, preferences and consent. Address full GDPR compliance. Protect your business with an audit-ready data vault.

Deliver a robust digital experience

Break down data siloes and build rich, unified customer profiles from permission-based customer data.

Integration with SAP Cloud Platform.

In a cloud world we can’t just follow the behavior from the past, when it comes to integration and extensibility. In on-premise environments, it was already a wise decision to utilize modification-free enhancement options to adjust the system to your own needs and to use a multitude of existing interface options and techniques. The extensibility framework on SAP Cloud Platform enables you to extend agile cloud and on-premise applications, to optimize the business processes by integrating the whole IT landscape, as well as allowing you innovation by integration of digital applications, such as Internet-of-things and big data.

In a public cloud environment, the option to modify the core is not given, instead strong APIs are provided by the software vendor than can be utilized for integration and extensibility purpose.

Out-Of-The-Box Integration

Utilize pre-packaged integration scenarios for the software vendor universe.

Open Integration

It is important to have an open integration framework that supports a vendor agnostic cloud and on-premise systems integration.

Holistic Integration

Most will think about integration of systems and processes, data integration should not be forgotten. Data should either be replicated, synchronized or centrally stored with the highest quality and consistency. Since experience matters, integration to the user is the most important factor. A unified UI experience over all kind of media, desktop computer and mobile devices is key. In a digital age, we have to integrate. Things to things, things to analytics and things to process.

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