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We have been helping clients improve supply chain operations for over 50 years, globally. We are not afraid to take risks and get our hands dirty. We work with our clients in the trenches and put results before reports. We love technology and know how to use it for new business models.

We work with our clients in​ four areas.


Business Strategy






Digitalization of the Supply Chain

Business Strategy Implementations.​ With Westernacher.

Westernacher has the experience to take the report left by strategy advisors and implement it. We are not afraid to take risks and get our hands dirty. We work with you in the trenches and put results before reports. We understand how to achieve your goals with the right mix of operational, organizational, and technology innovations. We have transformed organizations such as Sandoz through innovation based on solid analysis.​

Technology Consulting.​ With Westernacher.

We love technology and know how to use it for new business models. We work with technology every day – for 50 years. We understand what works and how much time it takes to change an organization. We support CIOs, CTOs, and CDOs with technology and solution roadmaps. We develop new IT strategies and help companies such as TJX to leverage new technologies.​​

Operational Improvements.​ With Westernacher.

We are working with the business on supply chain improvements combining proven concepts such as Lean and Six Sigma with opportunities provided by advanced and prescriptive Analytics, Machine Learning and AI, the Internet of Things, and Digitalization. We understand how and when to use new technologies to improve the S&OP process. We optimize supply chain networks, delivery operations, and inventories. We help our clients reduce supply chain risks and deliver performance assurance.​​

Digitalization of the Supply Chain.​ With Westernacher.

With terms such as ‘digitalization’, ‘Industry 4.0’ and ‘digital supply chain management’ on everyone’s lips, Westernacher can help business and IT leaders understand what sort of technologies fall under these broad terms and more importantly, how they can leverage all the capabilities that are at our disposal today.​​​

We deliver results along all stages of your supply chain.


We help our clients to overcome change barriers and realize transformations by addressing three areas.


Invites engagement:
When, where and what must be done?

Processes and workflows
Events, alerts and notifications
Escalation and corrective actions
Metrics-based results (KPIs)


Requires engagement:
Who is needed to do what?

Process actors
Roles they play
Accountability for desired outcome
Responsibility for execution
Required collaboration during and/or post execution


Enables engagement:
How to provide the right tools at the right time?

Architecture and infrastructure
Push vs. pull
Security & ease of use
Data quality

Get to know us – our Supply Chain Health Check​.

Analyze ⟶

Innovate ⟶


  • Review supply chain vision
  • Capture as-is processes
  • Assess supply chain operations
  • Collect and analyze supply chain data
  • Gather and benchmark current KPIs
  • Identify key issues / pain points
  • Conduct root cause analysis

  • Identify and evaluate improvement opportunities
  • Establish costs and benefit
  • Prioritize improvement opportunities
  • Develop KPI / KPP list


  • Gap analysis
  • Data analysis results
  • Key issues and pain points list
  • Supply chain metrics and baseline (optional)

  • Cost-benefits analysis
  • Prioritized improvements list
  • Roadmap
  • Detailed project description


  • Questionnaire
  • Data sheets (master data, transactional data, existing KPIs)
  • Maturity model
  • Benchmark
  • KPI dictionary
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)


  • Bubble chart for prioritization
  • S-curve for roadmap
  • Detailed project description
  • Project plans

Expected outcomes

  • Identify the potential financial impact of supply chain improvements
  • Benchmark and maturity profiling provide a comparative assesment
  • Identify bottlenecks in the flow of information and materials throughout the extended supply network
  • Identify prioritized supply chain initiatives based on dependencies and benefit delivery
  • A well-defined roadmap to strategic advantage

Getting started. Start slow or dive right in.

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