Carrier integration with SAP AddOn Westernacher eXpress

Intelligent CEP integration.

Connecting your transport partners.

With the Westernacher eXpress Tool for SAP EWM, ERP and TM.

SAP ADDON WESTERNACHER EXPRESS Intelligent versenden. Transport-Partner einbinden. Mit dem Westernacher eXpress Tool für SAP EWM, ERP und TM.

In order to send packages or pallets from SAP EWM, ERP or TM, you first need an agreement with the respective CEP (courier, express and parcel services) service provider. Each of these carriers will then have the data for the package, e.g. sender, recipient, size, weight, etc. to determine the label that should be applied.

Since interfaces to the carriers are not standardized, we need software that handles communication with the carrier and prints the label. Additional services such as cancellation of parcels and track & trace to shipping should also be implemented.

Westernacher has developed a solution with eXpress that makes the complete handling of shipping possible from within your SAP system. Seamlessly and smoothly because our solution is completely integrated in SAP.

Westernacher eXpress is more than just label printing. The platform is also for you and your transport service providers.

Westernacher eXpress is an SAP certified* solution that provides all core logistics capabilities for seamless integration with your transportation partners. It adapts to the different roles in your organization, providing a seamless link with all processes within your supply chain and offers the highest level of scalability for your existing and future needs. It is the platform by which you can integrate your partners for transport and work with them smoothly.

Integrate your logistics partners on one platform.

Westernacher offers eXpress.

  • A powerful suite for connecting CEP service providers
  • Transparent communication
  • Flexible and easy-to-implement process integration
  • Production of labels according to the specifications from the carrier
  • Creation of manifest files and loading lists
  • Automated pick up of Track and Trace information
  • Scalable integration platform

This is how Westernacher eXpress works.

Westernacher eXpress offers a homogeneous interface for its SAP modules ERP, EWM and TM, in order to optimally use all the services of the common carriers. As well as this, customers can also independently connect new carriers or expand existing connections.

  • Westernacher eXpress is integrated in SAP and offers a comprehensive cockpit for development and operation.
  • The interface from the SAP modules to eXpress is very simple and based on the standard SAP objects (HU, TU, Delivery, SalesOrder, etc.).
  • A Middleware add-on handles the transformation of data and communication with different shipping service providers.
  • The labels are printed using ZPL printer language, ensuring optimum performance and quality.
  • Warehouse and logistics service providers can configure custom applications for their warehouse customers
  • eXpress finds the optimal carrier and its product based on data from SAP and the configuration that can be stored in the cockpit.

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Carrier integration with SAP AddOn Westernacher eXpress

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