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In logistics and order fulfillment, a yard is the link between the distribution and transportation of goods and the warehouse. With the rising importance of e-commerce and supply chains focusing on customer-centricity, increasing the speed of fulfillment is the greatest challenge in logistics.

To address this demand, a seamlessly integrated flow of goods throughout the entire supply chain must be ensured in order to significantly reduce lead times. The yard is an important part of the overall network – it is more than just the parking lot of a distribution center. It serves as a connection point of inbound and outbound process flows as well as a storage location for containers, trailers and other means of transports. In the yard, high priority shipments can be identified and handled accordingly to prevent delays or even stock-outs.

By effectively controlling the physical movement of assets in the yard, the overall utilization of scarce resources can be increased. Companies who run their yard on paper, or use Microsoft Excel, face the problem of creating a lot of time-consuming manual work. In response to this problem, SAP has developed a new yard solution to enable customers to move to more efficient digitalization of yard operations.

The yard system also enables customers to move to the new age of digitalization by providing interfaces for the Internet of Things (IoT). SAP Yard Logistics is a cross-industry product from SAP, which can be used for chemical yards, car yards, container yards and warehouse sites, to name a few.

SAP Yard Logistics

Westernacher is currently running several Yard Logistics projects all over the world. We offer extensions to standard SAP products to help you run your daily business. If you need cross-docking functionalities, mobile transactions, self-check-in functionality, driver communication or 3D visualization of the yard, the product we recommend is SAP Yard Logistics.

Yard Management as part of SAP Extended Warehouse Management

For small and simple yard processes, it might be more efficient to utilize the functionalities of EWM. Although the yard processes and functionalities are simple, they may be sufficient for your business needs.

  • Do you have a paper based process?

    Yard Logistics software reduces paper-driven processes significantly. Integration into SAP Transportation Management avoids manual entering of data. Furthermore, a terminal application is available for self-check-in of trucks.

  • Are you looking for more automatization in your yard?

    SAP Yard Logistics can be connected with several sensors on the yard including your barriers, scales and LED lights. Almost every integration into the Internet of Things is possible via the Cloud Platform. Westernacher offers a model to show the interfacing and also partners with several hardware suppliers.

  • Do you need your security to work together with your Warehouse Management system?

    Is your security missing the visibility on what is loaded in your warehouse? With the integration between SAP YL and SAP EWM or SAP ERP WM, you can easily compare the actual weight of the truck after loading with the planned weight coming from your warehousing system.

  • Do you have long waiting queues at your gate?

    Fast data entry combined with truck self-check-in helps reduce long check-in processes. Checklists can be defined and confirmed by the truck drivers, such as questions about safety equipment. The terminal is available in over 30 languages and enables you to avoid communication problems with your truck drivers.

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Streamline and simplify your Yard Logistics operations with SAP Yard Logistics. Let Westernacher guide you through the innovative management system that gives you all the visibility and transparency you need your yard processes to manage incoming workload.

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Unleash the full potential of yard.

With SAP Yard Logistics and Westernacher.

Operating a truck, container or rail yard more efficiently and profitably relies on the visibility of all yard processes and the ability to plan and manage workloads effectively. The SAP Yard Logistics App is able to support these capabilities across a vast spectrum of industries and transportation types by centralizing and simplifying yard management processes and operations [...]

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