HANA Database

SAP Business Technology Package HANA DatabaseThe SAP in-memory database HANA™ combines column store with various optimization algorithms leading to a real time database that enables execution of both transactional as well as analytic processes on the same platform. It is the foundation for SAP’s strategy of stepwise renewing all SAP applications and industry solutions.

By combining the new possibilities of native modeling and new user experience (SAP Fiori) in our HANA projects we contribute to a substantial gain of performance for our customers.

Why we are the best fit
As an SAP service partner, Westernacher has benefited from early exposure to SAP HANA technology. Our teams are experienced in the implementation of SAP applications based on HANA database, as well as in the migration of existing applications from any database to SAP HANA.

By introducing SAP HANA database we raise the productivity of daily transactional processes, speed up analysis and decision making, thereby leveraging your competitiveness in the market.

  • Applications on HANA Database

    Being in continuous contact with SAP and having the knowledge of SAP’s actual technology strategies enables us to implement HANA-based solutions leveraging the business process performance at our customers.

    SAP BW on HANA

    In the area of SAP Business Warehouse, Westernacher implemented one of the first migration ramp up HANA prototypes worldwide. Since then we have been able to successfully realize Business Warehouse migrations from any database into HANA, leading to much faster evaluation processes.

    SAP TM on HANA

    As a frontrunner in the use of the real-time SAP HANA, our teams could also increase application performance by joining together OLAP and OLTP functionality in various SAP Transportation Management on HANA projects.


    Westernacher has also proven our core competency in business processes and IT consulting in the area of HANA based EWM: We successfully implemented one of the first 4 Live EWM on HANA systems worldwide.

    Planning Solutions

    The real-time capabilities of SAP HANA in handling huge amounts of data allows fast business decisions on the fly with a high level of data granularity. Westernacher repeatedly had the possibility to implement HANA-based planning solutions (such as cloud based IBP on HANA) leading to major advantages for our customers in the areas of planning, predictive analysis by being fast, anticipating obstacles and avoiding conflicts.

    Data Provisioning

    Westernacher is experienced in realizing the data provisioning between HANA and systems onsite or in the cloud, especially for our global acting customers cloud applications are of growing importance.

  • Business Suite S/4HANA

    SAP HANA is the exclusive database platform for SAP’s completely new “Business Suite S/4HANA”. The new, included “Simple” components and industry solutions are based on completely new data models, business processes and user experiences, and are tailored to take maximum advantage of its features.

    Benefits with Westernacher
    We run the Business Suite S/4HANA on our own system, which is regularly updated with the latest SAP upgrades. We belong to the frontrunners in implementing and hosting Simple Finance solutions, providing our customers the important benefits of real-time decision support and increased user productivity.

    Besides implementing Simple Applications on our system, we offer you the opportunity to be trained and to have your first experience with SAP’s new Business Suite.

  • Services

    Our services span a wide range:

    • Evaluation and planning services (PoCs)
    • Prototyping, building and deploying new SAP HANA based software solutions
    • Migrating already productive solutions from any database on HANA database
    • Trainings specifically tailored to the customer needs on HANA native and on HANA based SAP software solutions.
    • Depending on your system landscape needs, Westernacher offers the opportunity for you to run your application safely in our hosted private cloud.