Internet of Things

Key business areas of Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting Things with People and Processes

Connecting Things with People and Processes

Connected Products
Empowering Internet of Things (IoT) supports product-centric operations to optimize product lifecycle management by real time feedback from the field as well as in-time replenishment to reduce out-of-stock scenarios, making product data available to suppliers, customers and manufacturers to strengthen the collaboration as well as achieving an end-to-end visibility.

Connected Assets
IoT powered assets can enable the next generation plant maintenance process by giving unmatched access to real time data and ensure predictive maintenance instead of preventive maintenance to reduce down time and increase availability. (also one of the main areas for Industry 4.0)

Connected Fleets
IoT enabled fleets can give unparalleled real time visibility in supply chain transportation and help to achieve last mile visibility for products. Also, IoT can help to reduce waiting and transit time and increase cargo handling by lowering empty mile run and dynamic route determination.

Connected Infrastructure
IoT can help you to create smart buildings, smart assets and smart electricity management where resources optimize the usages automatically to reduce wastage and achieve lean operational costs.

Connected Markets
IoT enabled markets is amazing technology which can give truly Omnichannel experience to retail companies by collaborating and extending supply chain visibility to end consumers and give real time product data availability at the click of a button and channel the correct information at the correct time.

Connected People
People are the most important assets for any company. IoT can help to connect people with home and health care devices. IoT can give amazing health care products and services which are only possible by connected devices to improve lifestyle, have advanced information on deteriorating health conditions and give warning about areas where there is potential hazard.

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